[ Vancouver ] Trump Hotel

Back to Vancouver for best friend’s wedding! Still miss the landscape from time to time. Stayed at 2 hotels this time. One of which was the Trump Hotel Vancouver. This is one of the newer hotels in downtown Vancouver..  Continue reading


[ Taichung ] The Cabbage Cooking Lab

There are many interesting theme restaurants in Taichung. I managed to explore one that was not too far away from where I was on the day. This Cabbage Cooking Lab is located on the top floor of the Qinmei Eslite Shopping Mall complex in …

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[ Taipei ] House of Kuo

If you have a sweet tooth or love to try afternoon tea around the world, you shouldn’t miss this small restaurant in Taipei. This place is opened by a old Taiwanese traditional sweets/cake store in Taiwan – Guo Yuan Yi. The brand is often associated with cakes and biscuits it makes for weddings in Taiwan.  Continue reading

[ Hanoi ] The Political, Religious & French Sides

Back in Hanoi, we have full day of city sightseeing activities ahead of us. From visiting museum, to historical political centres, to temples, & streets of the old quarter, we were able to see this old capital from different angles. We began our day early with a visit to the Vietnam Museum of Ethnology) This museum, as the name implies, showcases the culture and traditions of 52 ethnic groups that live in Vietnam. Continue reading