[ UBC ] Nitobe Garden and Music World

Nitobe Garden on UBC campus.

Asian Centre – The place where I went when I first set foot on the campus (for Jap speech competition in high school) . This is at the back door leading to the Nitobe Garden.
The building was “once” surrounded by water


The little door leading to a memorial garden that takes me away from the world of worries and depression to the world of serenity and tranquility.

Whenever I wish I were somewhere else, this is where I went. It reminds me so much of Kyoto & days in Japan.

On the way to Student Union Building.

People disappearing into the distance on a super foggy day.

UBC School of Music & the tuning fork.

UBC. March 20. 2007
There goes my “figure & ground”. apparently the focus went to all the stuff in the bkground.. lol.

Can’t believe it snowed again.. & It’s MARCH!
Who said Spring was here?
March 22. The rain and the heavy cloud and everything are just super depressing.
[UBC Nitobe Garden]

But Spring will be here.. eventually.

Big Blue Sea from the Rose Garden, UBC.
Reminds me a bit of Stockholm!
I was standing on the wall. The air was so much fresher up there. I must have scared some ppl who just dropped by to see the view. haha

On the way to my parkade every morning.

Cherry Blossom all over campus.

The music grad. t-shirt!

Imagine trying to write a timed exam with the super loud & complex rhythm of gamelan in ur ears! & I was on the 4th floor!There was 2 of us writing the final. & The prof saw that I stared at the sight-reading score blankly, wrote 2 sentences & lost my trend of thought when the gamelan went on.. he just said: “if the gamelan is bothering u, sorry I can’t tell them to stop…”
But I managed to block it after 5 mins. phew~ really wanted to watch the perf. too!
pr 11 – Balinese Gamelan Performance (photo taken on my way to my 2nd final exam).


[ Month of Finish Lines ]
This week is da World Music Week.
Apr 10 was – West African Drumming @ I-House which I missed b/c I was cramming for papers
Apr 12 was – Korean Folk Drumming @ the music quad, which I also missed b/c I was cramming for paper (again).
Apr 13 – Asian Percussion Jam, which I’ll be missing out b/c it’s raining & I don’t want to go deaf listening to outdoor percussion instruments (SUPER LOUD) indoor.

Photo taken from: http://picasaweb.google.com/springblossoming/

UBC Balinese Gamelan Ensemble – the tuned xylophones.

UBC Korean Drumming Class.

Joy’s solo harp graduation recital @ ubc recital hall.

Words has ruled over my life.
esp. during exam & paper time.

Sometimes I wish I were far away again.


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