YTT 溪望船情 – Part 7 Cow, Peanuts & Dragon Boat

The ox & I… haha. We looked so cute together.
This ox (黃牛) would be the one pulling the big wagon with most of us on it.

Our Wagon

People filming our entire trip running away from our big ox and wagon.

Picking tomatoes from a green house/farm near the 田媽媽 restaurant.

Visit to the Peanuts Factory.

Mountains of Peanuts

Picking out the no-good ones.

Making salty eggs with red soil and salt. We made our own too with duck eggs~!

Went dragon-boating after the salty eggs.

Thanks 惠君 for this photo~!! 🙂

Going against the current. We had to hold on to the engine boat to get us (the dragon boat) upstream.. when we finally went downstream.. it started to rain.. darn.. haha.

Lunch – More of the BBQs with clams and oysters.. & we played that eating game again.. so sick of clams now.. hahaha.

Heading back to Taipei from Jia-yi with the High Speed Rail.

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