Golden Lane & Franz Kafka

The Golden Lane at the Prague Castle is one of the most attractive and popular sight to visit with its brightly colored little cottages. It was originally built for the castle buards, then in the 17th-century, goldsmiths occupied the place and hence its name now. Then by the 19th-century, it becomes a place where craftsman and artists lived. The famous writier F. Kafka (the guy who wrote the story of a man who wakes up to realize he has turned into a big bug – Metamorphosis) also spent some of his life here. But of course, there is certainly more to…

this place than the pretty things. :p

I remembered there used to be an armour statue right under this sign (can’t remkember whether this sign existed back then). But then this time,  I don’t see the armoured statue but this flying pig! The statue has disappeared!

The little cottage.

The Golden Lane is not a large street nor a long one. It’s quite petit and short.

Tiny cottages of the Golden Lane is full of colors.

One of the house windows.

The Golden Lane is now lined with little shops that sell souvenirs, glass/crystals, books and little artsy things.

More photos on MY FLICKR:


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