A Hundred Water House

If you really want t literally translate the name of the place “Hundertwasserhaus” into English, I suppose it’ll sound something like the title of this entry. The apartment block is occupied and not open to the public. But tourists flock to this place nevertheless just to see the exterior of the building and the nearby equally-crazy Kalke Village (which is really just another building). Designed by the hippie artist F. Hundertwasser, the artist really followed his philosophy that “the straight line is godless” . So at this place you see a bunch of…

crazy curvatures and fantasy-like windws.

Only this place is open to the public.

Inside the artsy Kalke Village where you can buy souvenirs and have a sip of coffee or some drinks.

The paid public toilet in the Kalke Village. It was something like 0.30 EUR to get in.

Female WC.

One of those signs.

The now very bushy Hundertwasserhaus. When I came here in May 2006, there was definitely less of these greenery.


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