[ Kaohsiung ] The Harbour

[ 高雄港 ] The harbour of the industrial capital no. 2 of Taiwan.

I don’t know why but this building (dock for boarding the government-owned ferries across the water) and the whole feel of this area and the view of the harbour reminds me so much of an island off Xiamen (鼓浪嶼, 廈門) so full of artists, musicians and exoticism. But somehow this place was MORE crowded and the streets, unfortunately, were more dirty and messy.

Privately-owned ferries that carry people and motorcycles/scooters across the harbour. I’d say it looks like it’s either going to fall apart or sink (notice how close the back dock is to the surface of the water).

Looking back at the Cijin Island from the ferry that took us across the water.

Sunset over the Kaohsiung Harbour viewed from the ferry.

All the people lined up, waiting to be ferried over to Cijin Island. You sort of wonder why so many people want to go there? For the cheap eats?! For the beach?! For.. what? That, I didn’t quite get.

More photos on MY FLICKR: http://flickr.com/photos/perladipace/sets/72157607410487665/



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