The Great Wall is not Great for No Reason


When you go to the Great Wall, you don’t just tell people you’re going to the Great Wall; you tell people which section of the Great Wall you’re going. Afterall, the Great Wall is about 7,350km  in length and it’s the onl man-built structure that you could see from the moon with no visual aids. If you think you can “walk” on the Great Wall, I think you’ve underestimated it. Most of the time, I assure you, you have to CLIMB it becase the…

stairs are so steep! The stairs are also not all equally spaced. Some steps are tiny (like 5cm in height) others are like 40 to 60 cm in height. The Great Wall during summer is way too hot for hikers. During the winter time, it’s even worse because the wind chills can literally freeze you or maybe blow you off the Wall if you’re not careful.

The area on the “ground level” at Juyongguan. The place seems to have been brushed up but the shops are closed. Maybe because not many people come here in the winter?

Although the construction of the Great Wall to fend off invaders from the north and the outer area began in the 7th Century B.C., what remains now are largely from the restoration and construction in the Ming Dynasty (14th to 16th century).

– The words on the stone literally means if you have never been to the Great Wall, you’re no good. :p


We made our way to the second fortress from our starting point (the large red and green architecture in the distance). From there, we only moved to one more foretress before we gave up and turned around because it was 1. too windy. 2. too cold. And those two combined made us very tired + we only had so much time there (I guess the tour guide figures we weren’t going to be going far in this weather anyway!)

The furtherest point we reached on the great wall this time – the building in the distance.
The thing with the Great Wall is that unless you plan to finish off the 7,350km of route at one time, you’ll probably need to walk the same path twice.
“I don’t think we want to go to Mongolia now. How about let’s head back?”

Can we get some hot tea please?
I didn’t really knock on it ‘though ’cause that thing looks too ancient and tere might be the other-worldly things there in this locked up place. At the Juyongguan area where our tour bus parked, there is actually a small lodge built in the style of the travel lodges back in the ancient time. Our tour guide toldus once she had a group of people who claim they can see spirits and they do rituals to “cleanse” places said that they did a large ritual during the night of their stay at that lodge because otherwise the cries and screams of those who lost their life at this old battefield will disturb their sleep. That sounds freaky eh?  If you think of the movie The Mummy III with the Chinese dragon king, I don’t think that’d be hard to imagine now.

Day 3 of 5 Beijing Trip Dec 23-27, 2008.


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