[ Amoy ] Morning Tea by Temple and Oceanfront View

[ 海岸一號 ]  View of the beach and ocean from the 16th floor of an apartment.
Imagine waking up to this scenery every morning (more photos in the full post). I think it’s time to retire.. hahaha. Just kidding. On the very last day of our stay in Amoy, we took the super mountain bikes of our bicycle team in Amoy up a nearby mountain and had a great tea time up there with the fresh air and peacefulness. I guess it’s only when you are at places like this that you don’t really realize that you are actually hundreds or thousands of miles away from home. 城市是人住出來的.  It’s the people that…

makes you feel out of place and away from your familiar world.


[ 早晨的蚵田 ]  Oyster farm along the oceanfront in the morning.

That Sunday moring, we decided to bike to a old temple on a nearby mountain for some relaxing morning tea. My colleagues rode their bike up there. The difficulty level apparently is one of the highest of the routes.

Since we were in hybernation (haha), we DROVE up there. I’m kinda glad we didn’t bike.It was definitely not as easy as it looks and there were quite a few sharp turns and steep routes.

The farms and fields on the hill leading to the temple we were going to.


The temple is small but there was quite a few monks and people coming over.


Parking. That morning by the temple was quite nice. It wasn’t too cold or too hot. It was quite comfy up there in the mountains. I think it’s a great place to meditate too.

Tea time. We sat there for the whole morning.


 There was a old wooen door half locked and half opened leading to a dusty storage area.


This cute doggy kept coming to us. We thought it looked like a small fox. After its failed attempts of getting anything edible from us, it went into the storage area behind the half-open doors and didn’t come out again.

We walked around the main temple and found there was an altar or another temple built in a cave. Some people were in there. We didn’t go in. I think it’d look pretty scary at night when the light of candles glow behind the windows and doors.

[犁田的牛]  Old man and ox for nearby farm.

The view from the 16th floor overlooks the whole oceanfront area. It’s so pretty!! Imagine living here! But the price for this apartment is still quite high despite the fact that real estate market price has dropped quite a bit due to the bad economy. Many other constructions have been put on hold (like the builidngs that are half-built) due to $$ issues.

五通碼頭 – Wutong Dock. It looks quite new. Previously the ferry had to dock at the Xiamen Dock (廈門港). But not sure why they closed that down for ferries to and from Kinmen. Now there are 2 ferry docks – Dongdu & Wutong (東渡&五通). Both are very new. It takes 90 mins to get from Kinmen to Dongdu and onl 30 mins to Wutong. But Dongdu is a much larger dock and closer to the city centre. Wutong is small but it’s great recisely because of that (not too crowded/messy).


On the 30-minute ferry over from Xiamen to Kinmen.

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