[ 宜蘭 ] 水草文化館 & 金車酒廠

[ 水草文化館 ]  Seaweed Gallery
有時候人生就是要來一個 “去他的 XYZ”. 這樣才能退一步-海闊天空一下.
總算暫時解脫考試的夢饜. 親愛的夏天我來啦! (雖然 technically 我已經沒有 “暑假” 這種東西了 *sigh*)

I managed to escape to the other side of the Central Mountain Range (中央山脈) of Taiwan to experience what we would call the “country-style” of living. Thanks to the ladies and gentlemen that made this trip enjoyable! 🙂  Although I pretty much have to travel to I-Lan (宜蘭) at least once in a week,  I hardly get a chance to see the places in that area. So this time, we are off to I-Lan to the most-talked about Whisky Distillery (金車威士忌酒莊) and….

the Seaweed place I was talking about!

The Convention and Meeting Space.
會議中心. 這陣子剛好金車教育基金會在辦畫展.


Inside the building. It looks like one of those places where you can shoot an idol drama like the Flower Four. :p

The King Car Whisky Distillery – exterior.

This place wasn’t open to the public until a few years ago although it says it was established in 1979. The King Car Group is a fairly large softdrink corporation in Taiwan and has a long tradition.

The display space where there were boards explaning the various background the methods with distilling whisky.

The storage space.  The smell of hte oak and wine was pretty strong where we were standing.
站在這窗外都可以聞到濃濃的酒 + oak 木香.


The gallery part was quite short, especially when you don’t have a guide that explains the details to you. So we moved directly to the building (酒堡) where we could try some whisky. This photo was taken when we were waiting in the line.

You see why we need to line up – all the people sitting in there are in a “whisky-tasting” session.
I think each session probably last less than 20 minutes.


The space for tasting the whisky – when they’ve just prepared the tables for the next wave of guests.

Every one gets a glass for taster.

But you can see there wasn’t a lot… haha It was definitely strong ‘though!
沒有想像中灌到醉的感覺. 不過有嘗到也就ok 啦. 果然需要加冰塊+水.

我一直在想,如果台灣能把自己土生土釀的酒發揚光大,像阿姆斯特丹的海尼根 (Heineken) 體驗館,哥本哈根的卡爾斯堡 (Carlsberg) 酒廠,或都柏林的金式 (Guinness)酒廠,除了金門高粱有自己的觀光酒廠 (還沒去過因為有點遠),其實台灣還可以發展超級小米酒文化,或是如果堅持要走啤酒路線,可以開闢台啤樂園,走台灣故事館的復古 style,藉此介紹一點台灣一路走來的故事,然後再帶入台啤怎麼來的,最後再來個酒廠一定要有的品酒區,最好是在有 view地方,兩杯費用包在門票,要再喝或點其他的另外付錢,還有最重要的是所有介紹和標示等都一定要加上英文,導覽也要有三、四個語言,最簡單的方式就是用已經錄好隨手拿的那種,再加個定時人員導覽。我想這對外國訪客應該會很有吸引力吧,畢竟外國訪客如果要來的話,會比較想看一些在他們國家看不到的人事物。台灣還有太多太可惜的地方,要真正發展觀光,不能只對兩岸三地。

[ 烏石港北提衝浪 ] Surfing in Wushi.
After the whisky distillery, we headed to Wushi Harbour (烏石港) for seafood lunch. Then we saw lots of people surfing off the shore. It’s quite amazing. Last time I remember seeing so many people surfing was when I was in San Diego. (See Surfers and Titanic Tea at Pacific Beach) . But the place reminds me of Cornwall when I went surfing with the ISC group. (see Surfing in Newquay) :p

From the dyke, we were able to see the Turtle Island (龜山島).  That’s one of the places that I’d like to go some time. You’ll need to register with the local authority to go to that island. There used to be a small village on there. But the whole village residents were relocated in 1977.  The island has a shape like a turtle (hence the name). But one of the coolest things is that with seasonal changes and tidal changes, the “tail” of the turtle will “sway” (due to movement of current and sand deposition)Nowadays visitors would come here for whale-watching. (賞鯨)

Our last destination of the day was the Seaweed Gallery(水草文化館), On our way to the seemingly remote location of the gallery, we saw this interesting building. It looks modern and has a “moat”-like water channel around it. & There were no buildings or other infrastructures around it. It’s quite nice in a sense. If it were a glass house and there’s a white grand piano or harp in there, that’d be a pretty scene. I think I can open a art gallery and lounge. haha.

The unbelievably green field we saw along the way.


Someone told me this is the flowers of the passion fruit plants.
聽人說這是百香果的花. 真的假的?! :p
I just thought it looked interesting at the moment.

In the aquatic farm nearby, we saw all kinds of pretty aquatic plant that looks like a green dandelion. But they can grow much bigger than a dandelion.

A restaurant that has “Seaweed Meals”. The pools in these concrete cubes are aquatic farms.

The building is pretty interesting too. It’s a bit like the Tadao Ando reinforced-concrete (清水模) style of architecture but less impressive.

Display introducing the different aquatic plants in the buidling.

Viewing the main entrance into the gallery space. It’s quite clean and chic.

More display cases. It’s pretty much like a mini science world.

Taken from the room we were having talks. The bare concrete walls and a rather poetic display with words about seaweed/aquatic plants on the wall.

There was a nice and spacious room inside the small centre. It was excellent for leisure talks. We were glad we got in before it started downpouring! We had such a nice view of the surrounding from that sheltered space.  It was a waste not to have some tea and biscuits. We could have an afternoon party here. :p


The other view of the room and the view outside. It’s such a relaxing place. I almost forgot I have a gazillion things to worry about. haha. Just kidding.
It was a beau afternoon.

Exterior of the building. Some parts got yellowy. Not sure if it was intentional.

There was also a shop that sells all kinds of seaweed omiyage (souvenir). You can find these HUGE seaweed balls that you can see almost all over the place in Hokkaido too. (see Hokkaido Seaweed Balls). According to the signs I saw in Hokkaido, these ones must also be like 100 years old each!
金車威士忌酒莊 King Car Whisky Distillery
Address: 宜蘭縣員山鄉員山路二段326號
Website: http://www.kavalanwhisky.com/


勝洋休閒農場 (Seaweed Gallery)
Address: 宜蘭縣員山鄉尚德村八甲路15-1號

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