[ Taipei County ] Between Movement and Shadows Photography

 [ 行與影之間 ]   窗花與富家林園的攝影遊樂園.
Between Movements & Shadows – Time Travel through the Garden of one of the Richest Families in the older days. 

After a summer of "inactivity", we got a free style photo outing event organized. It was really more about introducing a historical garden in the Taipei county that many might have heard of but never got around to…. (continue reading)

週末的 YPEX Photography Outing 這次走 free style 路線, 主要是介紹社友到一個還滿有特色的"古代"(ie.不是現代) 的首富的林園, 感受一下過去的富人的 life style, 讓攝影的背後能…

… 多點歷史故事的內涵.

… understand its historical background and architectural significance.

後來又過了快一個禮拜才想出要怎麼串. 之後在某個夜深人靜的晚上硬擠出了這個活動簡介:  " 在仲夏末入尾聲時, 伴隨 YPEX 攝影社來台灣昔日首富林本源之園邸, 穿越時光隧道, 在古樸雅致的庭園迷宮建築中, 在行與影之間, 我們一起捉住夏天的尾巴吧! "

實在很不想寫 "尾巴", 但就想不出其他更 "俗" 的來收尾.

The event advert photo. Took that and put it into something like that 1.5 week or so before the event.
What we had for the English text: " Summer is coming to an end. But what would be a better time to come out for a casual photography outing?

This time, we’ll visit the Banciao Lin Family Garden, the most well preserved garden that embodies the luxurious lifestyle of one of the richest families in Taiwan back in the early 1900s. You’d be amazed by the tiny details of every aspect of the architecture in this maze-like traditional garden. "

沿著石牆走到售票口. 記得第一次自己一個人來這時還繞了遠路, 經過超 busy 的菜市場和走過一條看起來不像人行道&有點偏僻的小道. 這邊的路可還真是孰人才比較 ok.
The garden is surrounded by the old stone wall. The streets around that area is a bit like a maze too. It wouldn’t be too difficult to get lost.  But as long as you follow the wall, you know you’ll find the entrance somehow.

Blossoms… on another day. I rushed here to just look around and took photos for the event advert.
Not sure if the flowers were there anymore the second time I visited.

很有古味的門, 很適合穿著大紅燈籠高高掛的戲服走進走出的.
The doors between room and room, and room and hallway are still pretty much in the style of the older days.

One of the larger architecture on site. Some said it’s haunted. But that guide said it jokingly so not sure whether he was just trying to add a bit of spice.

On that day, there was a group of Chinese instrumentalists performing in the afternoon. I thought that suited very well with the garden.

1) 園林中的一些陳列區. 2) 牆上已經有點退色的裝飾藝術.  3)  主堂的超高大門. 那窗花最小塊的部分大概快到我額頭的高度吧.
1) A small museum with displays of traditional tools and ceremonial items in the garden. 2) The faded art on the wall, behind a door.  3) The main reception hall – the doors look taller than it appears here. The "window" part of the door is about 150 or 160cm high.

The pond and stage at the other end of the garden.

The interior of one of the main halls.

One of the narrow hallway and the lamps. 悠悠的走道.

被樹根/氣根包起來的 "石洞"走廊.
This open "tunnel" in the garden is covered by these tree roots.

Another colorful architecture. I would recommend people go on the guided tour of the place. Because otherwise you only see buildings and don’t know much about their stories.
來到這花園真的最好聽導覽.. 不然真的只會覺得就這樣喔..?!  這邊那邊是做什麼的都一頭霧水.

Floating leaves or water plants in a large pot.

Another pond.

Window art…and layers and layers of those.

板橋林本源花園 ( 板橋鄰家花園 ) Banciao Lin Family Garden
W: http://www.linfamily.tpc.gov.tw/
A: Near MRT Fuzhong Station (捷運府中站).


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