[ Taipei ] Kiki Sichuan Cuisine

September is a crazy month with super packed schedule. It’s also the time for us to send off more friends who are heading to other places for school, for work, and other things (yah..some for marriage too). So we celebrated a friend’s new adventure to her teaching-Mandarin-to-kids career in the UK at a restaurant opened by Taiwanese celebrities including…

Shuqi (舒淇), Lan xinmei (藍心湄), … 等.



This restaurant is one of the few main/popular Chinese restaurants. They have different branches that do different kind of cuisine. For this one, they do Chinese Sichuan cuisine.


Inside the resaturant.

Our orders – although we wanted less spicy stuff but most dishes still ended up to be quite a bit spicy…

Outside of the restaurant. The place looks very booked from 7-9pm so it’s best to reserve the seats ahead of time.

The one we went to is the one near the MRT S.Y.S. Memorial Station (延吉店).

KIKI Restaurant *KIKI 餐廳.
Website: http://www.kiki1991.com/
Address: 台北市光復南路280巷47號1樓


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