[ Yilan ] Rothenburg Lodge

[  宜蘭的歐式莊園 ] 
A cozy European style bed & breakfast lodge in Yilan, Taiwan. (continue reading…)

與其說是個莊園, 我覺得它比較像是一個美/歐式的獨立屋, 而且是很有家的溫馨感覺的那種.
這次換了地方住, 因為聽說這間不錯, 很有..

… ‘在國外" 的感覺.

前門進來的大廳.   The living room + kitchen as you enter.

開放式的餐廳.  The open-style of kitchen.

Second Floor.

The first door is the door to the room we stayed in.  我們住第一間客房.

2F 的客房. 超大的床. Our comfy + large bed in the bedroom.
本來我們是訂一間4人房, 但好像 registration 有點 screwed up, 沒登記到我們, 還好還剩兩間2人房!
We originally booked a 4-people room but somehow the booking was a bit screwed up so we almost ended up on the streets. :p Luckily, they had 2 rooms left for the evening so we got the better rooms! 

Our washroom.  有降板浴缸 + 溫泉粉.

Our room had a balcony. Looking into the room from the balcony.
2F 的房間有小陽台.

Evening view from our bedroom balcony. We could see all the farms (the water reflecting lights) around us. 陽台上晚上的夜景

Evening balcony.

Morning window.

Good morning sunshine!

Another window view.

Stairs and hallway.

Some parts of the breakfast.


Rothenburg Lodge  羅騰堡莊園
W: http://rothenburg.ilanbnb.tw/
P: 03-9502000
A: 宜蘭縣五結鄉協和中路13巷47號


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