[ 京都 ] 一天一間寺廟 – 1/4

[ 一天一間寺廟 ]  One Temple a Day

If we were to take in one temple like a vitamin supplement per day, I think we’d be here for a long time. Kyoto is a old capital that has many temples to see. But you’d miss a lot of the city itself just by gliding through and hopping from one to another. We were…. (continue reading…)

如果是一天一間寺廟的話, 我們應該會在這裡很久吧. 之前來這時是租一部車子, 帶著我們到處看寺廟. 但是這次我們走深度散步的 tempo, 在短短兩天半的寒冬時光, 走入…

… 這座古城的大街小巷. 雖然天氣預報說京都會下雨, 不過還好去時幾乎沒有. 只不過實在是太冷啦!

以前就很喜歡京都的寺廟, 記得在2002 年時參加 BC省的日文演講 (Provincial Japanese Speech Contest) 比賽時, 那時我的講稿就是 “好きなお寺” (my favourite temple), 內容是我那次去印象最深的寺廟和一些感觸.

…. in Kyoto for a relatively short period of time this time although we do have a long week off. Good to be away and the weather wasn’t bad in Kyoto and Nagoya… It was just COLD.. and I mean freezing cold.


我們兩天晚上住在 Hyatt Regency 飯店 (之後在圖說), 對面就是一間很歐式風的博物館, 目前的展是去年也在台北的故宮博物院展出的華麗巴洛克 (維也納國家藝術歷史博物館借出的). 沒想到這些畫還沒回家呀..

For the 2 nights we were in Kyoto, we stayed at the Hyatt Regency (more about it later) by the museum that currently has the Baroque exhibition from Vienna (the same one that was in Taipei last year).

Day 1 – Temple: Sanjusangen-do 三十三間堂

這間在1164 年就存在的佛教寺廟就在我們的飯店的旁邊. 裡面最有名的是那上千的佛像.
This temple was actually just beside our hotel. It’s a buddhist temple with a thousand armed kannon.
This temple was completed in 1164.
All kinds of good luck charms for all kinds of alignments.


Behind the white doors of this long hall is a large and long temple with the thousand bronze statues.

裡面不能照相, 不過大概就是這樣.
Can’t take photos inside but this is pretty much what you’d see in there.


Around Kiyomizu-dera 清水寺附近
Kiyomizu-dera is one of the “must-see” temples here. It’s a popular site for pilgrimage and lots of festivals.
這間寺廟是在798年完成的. 現在列為世界重要文化遺產之一.
The temple itself dates back to year 798 and  it’s now listed a UNESCO historic heritage site.
這次我們沒有進去到廟裡面了 (因為有更重要的吃吃喝喝行程 xD ), 不過一路逛到這邊看風景很讚.

This time we didn’t go into the temple (it covers a large ground. But eating and shopping along our way leading up to the temple for city viewing was quite awesome too.


在江戶時代有個傳說就是說如果你從清水舞台(大概13m高)那跳下去, 如果你還活著的話,你的願望就會實現. 當然這早就不能這麼做了.

Apparently there is a popular expression “to jump off the stage at Kiyomizu”, which literally means “take a plunge into the water”. In the Edo period, there was this belief that if you jump off from the 13m high Kiyomizu stage, your wishes will be granted. But of course, this practice has long been banned.

It’s situated on a hill where you can see the Kyoto city below.


Day 2 – Kennin-ji 建仁寺
 這是京都最古老的禪寺. 離我們住的地方也不遠, 大概計程車資 1,000 YEN有找.

Kennin-ji is the so called “Oldest Zen Temple in Kyoto”.  It was not far from where we stayed at either. Taxi fare should be less than 1,000 Yen.


O /_ 口 的花園 (圓圈, 三角形和四方型). 這小庭園講的就是這三個構成宇宙的元素.
The small square garden in the temple is designed with three shapes (circle, triangle and square) in a famous callagraphic work by Sengai Gibon. It’s believed that all things in the universe are represented by these 3 forms.
這間寺廟也是別有洞天. 從外面還看不出來裡面是這麼寬敞, 而且是轉個彎就有個景.
This temple is also quite large.. you can’t really tell its depth from outside. And with every turn in the space, there is a different scene.

There’s “gold” in this salty tea!


潮音庭. 這在寺廟中央的小庭園講的是潮水的聲音. 庭園中的三塊坐禪石也分別有意思.
Cho-on-tei Garden. It’s name simply means “the garden of the sound of the tide”.

The wind chime with the replica of the painting of the Wind and Thunder Gods that’s one of the treasures in this


方丈/ 大雄院. 禪寺的石頭庭園.
Hojo/ Daiouen – the garden in front o fthe hojo is the “dry mountain and waters style” of garden often found in Zen temples.



法堂 – 雙龍.
The Twin Dragons painted on the ceiling of the Hatto (Dharma Hall) was drawn with the “finest quality ink on thick traditional Japanese paper”.


Day 3 – Chishaku-in Temple 智積院
這天到了智積院. 又是一間離我們腳程不遠的大寺院.
The Chishaku-in temple was also not far away from our hotel. It’s within 5-10min walk.
This temple is the head temple to a branch of buddhism called Shingon Chisan.

安靜的寺廟中, 幾乎沒有外國人. 只有幾位日本老婆婆坐著在花園池畔旁聊天.
The quiet temple is undisturbed by foreigners. There were only a few old Japanese ladies sitting by the pond and chatting.


Peaceful garden on a sunny morning.

這邊的地板都非常非常的乾淨. j我們走了一大圈回到原點時, 發現我們白色的襪子還是一樣的白!
The floor here is very clean. We walked around for so long and when we got back to pick up our shoes, the bottom of our socks are still clean and white!

The flowers blossoming by the temples.

Morning blossoms.

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Photos taken with Nikon D90.


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