[ 因斯布魯克 ] Swarovski Kristallwelten

[ 施瓦洛世奇的水晶世界 ] The World of Swarovski Crystals
Swarovski is one of my favourite brands. Not that I like all of the products it creates but the brand image and the crystals itself are of some considerable elegance. The home to Swarovski is in Innsbruck, an Austrian city that…(continue reading…)
施瓦洛世奇是我最喜歡的 brands 之一,像 BMW, 它的品牌形象和它的水晶作品散發出來的是一種不同一般的高貴氣質,就像它著名的天鵝 image. 施瓦洛世奇的起源在奧地利的一個古城 Innsbruck, 一個…

… 在離慕尼黑大約 2 個小時車程的地方. 我們本來要搭火車去 Innsbruck, 但火車票實在貴的嚇人。另外一個 option 就是參加 tour,搭 tour bus去, 那算是比較便宜和省事的辦法 (Swarovski 的水晶世界其實離它最近的 Innsbruck 車站還是有個 20 分鐘的車程, 而且接駁車 1-2 小時才有一班).


…. is about 2 hour by car from Munich. We were going to take the train there but found that the train tickets were just ridiculously expensive! (almost totaling to 150 EUR for 2 people round trip) from Munich. That would’ve taken 2 hours and we will still need to catch a bus to take us to the Swarovski Kristallwelten (maybe 20 mins away from Innsbruck).

So we opted for a less expensive option with the Grey Line Bus. The tour guide (who was about to retire) was just no good and a pure annoyance providing no useful information. So we just pretended that we just got the cheaper transportation tickets to go to a place and more door-to-door service, nevermind that tour stuff.
所以後來我們參加 Grey Line Tour 從慕尼黑出發, 導遊是個快退休的老頭,講的都是廢話或很沒有內容的東西,該講的沒講,不用講的一直講,所以倒覽的那部分就算算了,主要是要搭車.
I must say Austria is full of beautiful landscape: lots of mountains, lots of greenery and lots of glacial water.
Along the way, we pass by towns that are known to be great ski resorts.
The Swarovski facilities nearby. Some say that 50% of the people in the city are employed by Swarovski.
施瓦洛世奇在附近的工廠,有人說這地區 50% 的人都是在這間公司工作.
Swarovski 是在 1895 年由一位捷克籍的玻璃所創立的, 當時他並不知道他_無意間_發現的東西 – 人造水晶, 會造就­百年後的 Swarovski empire. 這個 Swarovski Kristallwelten 就是為了紀念___年紀念日所建的.
The red snake with “gems” at the area where you buy the ticket to the Kristallwelten.


Actually, other than the Kristallwelten itself, there was still quite a bit of area to walk around if you have the time and interest to do so (more like just parks).
除了水晶世界室內的展覽外,戶外其實還有一大片可以去走的地方 (不過看起來都比較像公園).


Walking towards the main icon and the entrance to the Swarovski Kristallwelten.
Inside the Swarovski Kristallwelten, there are lots of exhibitions by artists using the “Swarovski” elements. In a way, it felt more like a gallery than a museum of Swarovski crystals.
水晶世界裡面有點像是美術館,大多是利用 Swarovski 水晶去發揮的一些展示.
Mechnical Theatre.
Winter’s Dream- Christmas Tree.
Details of the crystal tree.


Crystal Dome
It’s suppose to make you feel like you were in a crystal.
In a world of mirrors and projections.


This wall with projected movie looks a bit “shiny” eh?

Actually the whole wall for the projected movie is filled by Swarovski crystals.
這面投影牆看起來是否有點 “bling bling”? 其實整個牆上都是這麼小的水晶點…
This is a mega shiny ring.

A giant’s accordian.

Images of the icon of the Kristallwelten inside.




In the Kristallwelten, you also don’t have the history of the Swarovski business/company, or stories about its founder, or anything about the manufacturing process or about the crystals in general. So that was kinda disappointing.
Swarovski水晶世界沒有特別介紹 Swarovksi 這間公司 (通常企業蓋這種 “museum/gallery” 都會特別宣傳一下企業理念, 歷史和過去的“戰績”, 或作一些很基本的水晶介紹,但Swarovski Krystallwelten 幾乎都沒有. 這算有點令人失望的地方.
Crystal Calligraphy.
Big crystal jellyfish!
Closer look at the tentacles of the jellyfish, it’s almost extraterrestrial.


The “shop” at the end of the Kristallwelten exhibitions. Mega Swarovski store! There was 10% discount going on at the time and we could get tax refund. But other than that, most of the things have the same list price as any other stores in see in other countries with the same currency. The ballpoint pens with crystals inside was 5-8 EUR cheaper at the shop here ‘though.
在走完水晶世界的 halls 時, 最後就是水晶賣場啦! 這邊的定價其實和其他用 EUR 計價的國家的店面比起來,幾乎沒有差 (除了原子筆裡面有水晶的那款在這明顯便宜個 5-8 EUR), 但我們去的那時候有 10% 折扣 + 退稅, 所以應該還是有
In general, I think if you just happen to be close to Innsbruck, you can come here for a look. But if you go all the way here just for this, you might be disappointed. That was what we did for the morning. In the afternoon, we moved on to the old town of Innsbruck!
大致上來說, 如果你剛好在 Innsbruck 附近,來這邊看這個是 ok, 如果千里迢迢專門來這這個水晶世界, 你可能會有點失望. 不過一路上的景是很讚啦! 水晶世界是我們早上的行程,下午我們前往 Innsbruck 這個老城.


Swarovski Kristallwelten
W: http://kristallwelten.swarovski.com/?go=de
A:  Near Innsbruck but not walkable.



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