[平溪線] 貓. 沈思. 黑金歲月


[ 貓. 沈思. 黑金歲月 ]
Cats. Contemplation and the Black Gold Days.

Houtong is a small town at the beginning of the Pingxi Rail Line. If you’ve heard of the Pingxi Rail Line in Taiwan, you probably know that this rail line also carries the history of “black gold” mining in Taiwan. Houtong (its original name means “monkey’s cave”) is now also known as the “cat”… (continue reading…)

這次平溪線攝影 trip 換了個 focus 站! 直到火車停靠侯硐時列車長唸出那站名前, 我居然都以為那個字念 “同”… 好吧, 只能怪中文學校沒教過這個字+有邊讀邊啦. 侯硐原本的名字是 “猴洞”, 是因為早期這邊的山洞裡有…

… 猿猴. 但後來1962 年時, 政府覺得 “猴” 看起來不是很雅, 所以改為 ” 侯”, 但現在大部份又恢復為 “猴硐” (除了火車站名外).

…. town because there are so many cats around. So in addition to seeing the remains of the mining history here, if you stop by this town on your way to visit the other towns along the line, you’d probably see a lot of people taking photos of cats here.



車站外算熱鬧 , 這圈外就比較沒有人.
The area outside of the Houtong Train Station is the most busy area in this town with food stands and shops.



無緣的店 – 聽說不錯, 人氣也很高, 不過這次 pass 啦.
A busy food stand outside of the train station. It’s shown some travel magazine but we didn’t get to try it this time.


過去猴硐有名的是 “黑金”, 現在多了個貓街.
Houtong is famous for its “black gold” (coal). Now it’s also known as a “cat town”.


因為這邊有許多貓群聚, 也有貓志工的投入, 所以 ” 看貓“ 成了這個小鎮的觀光賣點.
Because there are a lot of cats around here (probably began with people abandoning their house cats here), cat-photo-shooting becomes a popular attraction point here. There’s even an organization that helps to take care of the cats and give visitors a tour here.


貓咪不喜歡閃光燈. 這邊的 sign 都還滿 cute 的.
This sign says cats don’t like your camera flash light.


這邊的貓城故事. 我喜歡這張海報的 image.
椅子上的貓咪, 沒注意看真的是會不小心坐下去.
The poster that says the stories of the cats in this city. I like the poster design.
There are cats everywhere, if you’re not paying attention, you might very well sit on one.


這邊畢竟還是別人的住家, 所以來這邊還是不要大聲嬉戲吧.
There are still people living in this area. So it’d be best not to make too much noise when walking around this area.


There’s roosters on the roof of some house!


Quiet corners in this small old town.



There are a lot of old houses in ruins.

DSC_3027 DSC_3028

How did it get there?

DSC_3043 DSC_3045

這邊有許多小貓, 這隻還抓著抱著別人的鞋子和褲管.
There are lots of small and skinny cats around here.

 DSC_3020 DSC_3079 DSC_3106DSC_3053 DSC_3051

Some of these cats even have a name.


Back shadows.


有點詭異的玩具熊, 完全被雨淋溼了.
Soaked in rain.


不經意的角落都可以看到貓, 而且你會發現牠們都靜靜的盯著你看.
You’ll find cats in the most unexpected places and when you notice them, you’d see them staring at you.


阿杯阿嬤聊天區 – 我們都覺得這很經典.
This cute map has a place called the place for grandmas and grandpas to hang out.


這邊這個瑞三礦業公司是日據時代台灣人與日本人合資的企業, 這裡在 1990 收坑前, 曾是全台產量最大的煤礦. 現在這裡除了外來觀光客外, 大部份都是老一代的人. 這些都算是 witness 歷史, 曾經經歷過 “黑金時代” 的人.
The corporation that used to run the operation in these mines started during the Japanese occupation era. The mines here, at one time, were the largest producers of coals in Taiwan.


黑金曾經讓這小鎮繁榮. 在火車站外的願景館有個小展, 裡面show 的是過去礦工的生或照片和一些以礦工為主題的作品.

The “black gold” was the reason why the town became populated with people. Now the lives of the mine workers are documented in various museums like this. This has a small exhibition of historical photos and art inspired by the lives of those mine workers.


它的全盛時期, 這邊的居民可是高達 900 戶!就現在來看, 如果沒有歷史照片, 還真難想像過去的繁華.
At the height of the black gold era, this town used to have 900 or so families! Without photos documenting the past, it’d be difficult to imagine that from what we see now.


選煤場 – 這曾是全台最先進的選煤廠房.
The building where people used to sort coal coming from all the mines in the area.


運煤橋 – 當地人原來稱為 ” 三層鐵橋” 的鐵路. 過去除了運煤也運人.
The old iron bridge that used to carry coal as well as people.


過去採礦時期的 shopping street, 這店鋪街 (又稱內店仔) 現在卻很淒涼, 而且一間店也沒有.
The buildings in ruins on the main shopping street of the golden mining era. There are no shops here now.


現在許多都是荒廢房子, 還有些人就睡在屋外.
A street filled with lots of houses in ruins. A lot of people were sleeping outside of the house too



溪谷和許多壺穴 & 礦坑.
The river and a few mines around.


在改造的烘砂屋看一些關於礦工生活的展. 這個是人生係黑白的寫照.
Inside the small new  museum with exhibits and replicas of the mining era.


The lockers of miners.


News about mine disasters in the old newspaper.


搭平溪線往平溪去, 今天的天氣有點太 moody, 一下大太陽, 一下又下大雨.
On our way to Pingxi for food. The weather was a bit moody. It was super sunny for some time and then it was super rainy for a few minutes.


火車經過了十分老街. 這邊沒有停留, 但可以看我之前的 post:[Pingxi Rail] Keeping Watch and the Old Mines 1/2
Our train passed by the old street of Shifen – another very popular town along the Pingxi rail line. You can see photos of this place from my previous post: [Pingxi Rail] Keeping Watch and the Old Mines 1/2



The old street of Pingxi is not “super” busy today.

這隻貓還在!上次來這的時候也有看到牠~!之前的照片:[ Pingxi Rail] Those Words; Those People 2/2
I saw this cat before when I last visited Pingxi. See the previous post: [ Pingxi Rail] Those Words; Those People 2/2


Seems like Pingxi has quite a few cats now too.

IMG_0731 IMG_0725

現在多了張均雅小妹妹!  還有泡菜香腸..
There’s the new photo point with the cute icon of a brand of instant noodle. There’s also the interesting kimchi sausage.


朋友很酷的 instant 印照片 gadget! 這就是我們的另類團體照啦!
My friend’s cool instant photo printing gadget. This is our new style of group photo. :p

My photo slideshow on FLICKR:


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