[ 桃園 ] 大溪老街的風華依舊

[ 大溪老街風華依舊 ]

One of the more famous old streets in Taiwan is the Daxi Old Street in Taoyuan (the county where the international airport is located). The old streets in Taiwan are usually what used to be a busy hub for tea, spices, camphor, etc. trades. Now they may still be pretty busy but people usually… (continue reading…)

如果就台灣的老街來說, 在北部的除了年貨大街以外, 我覺得大溪老街是最熱鬧的之一.這邊的店家和其他之前去過的比起來, 無論是店家的質或量都比其他的好. 這次我們吃完中餐照樣殺到這邊續攤. 來老街幾乎都是 “吃” 占大部份, 其他…

.. 的我是覺得還好.

… come here for the different kinds of food that you can get here. Daxi, in particular, is quite famous for its dried tofu (a firm kind of tofu).


中午先去石園活魚. 在這邊吃魚就是先去選魚, 然後在看要用哪些方式料理那隻大魚. 在那邊看到的魚都是超大又黑黑的那種. 有點像我在廈門吃那個恐怖的那魚餐的那種魚 (沒錯就是那個: 男人的加油站女人的美容院那個:看這邊 )
We went to a place to eat fresh fish in Shiyuan. At the restaurant, you basically go to the pick-the-fish zone to pick the fish you want to have for your table. They’ll weight it, etc. & Then you choose how many ways you want to cook that fish. The fish here are black and big. It reminds me a bit of that fish restaurant place that I went to in Xiamen: see my previous post here).


The Dahan River view.

Different way to advertise.


大溪老街其實事由很多條街組合起來的, 所以店家很多, 人群也比較分散, 不會像三峽老街那樣擁擠.
What we call the Daxi Old Street is actually made up of many streets. So there are lots of stores so people are more spread out and the street is not so conjested.

大溪老街在過去來說是靠樟腦和茶葉的貿易而繁榮了起來, 這個通路我後來在書上看到它是過去的一個為苦力而特別建製的小徑, 讓那些苦力能不用繞路. 我那時只是看到上面的裝飾還滿特別的.
The town of Daxi made its fortune with trades of camphor and tea. This was  a passage built as a short cut for labour workers so that they didn’t have to take the long route when transporting goods.


大溪的老街也是有許多像大稻珵和三峽老街那邊的華麗巴洛克裝飾建築. 雖然是走巴洛克風, 但上面的圖樣還是看得到和中國傳統的圖騰. 據說當時的匠師有時還會在施工時將作品用帆布蓋住, 避免設計被抄襲.
The Old Street of Daxi is also filled with stores with their facade built with a Baroque style that integrates the style of both the West and the East. At the height of the area as a business hub, artisans working on these carving would try to hide their work before they were finished because they were afraid that their new and original design would be copied by others.



日式豆腐花和豆腐酪. 這家的是還滿特別的, 我們一開始是看到招牌上的人曑口味進來的.
& We came across this sweet tofu place that says it sells “Japanese” style of sweet tofu.


抹茶豆腐花. 其實抹茶的味道沒有很強, 比較像是顏色像抹茶吧.
Matcha flavour sweet tofu soup. I think it’s more of a colour change. The matcha taste is not too distinct.


左邊的是芝麻豆腐酪. 右邊的是人曑豆腐酪.上面顏色比較深的那層是比較濃的部份.
Left: Sesame sweet tofu pudding. Right: Ginseng flavour sweet tofu pudding.


綜合豆腐花 – 不同口味的豆腐花加一些其他的好料.
Mixed Flavour Sweet Tofu – has different flavours of sweet tofu in here.


大溪有名的當然就是豆干啦!這邊賣豆干的有名的還滿多家, 而且這邊賣的口味種類還真多.
The old town of Daxi is famous for its firm tofu (harder and more firm type of tofu; or also called dried tofu). There are lots of different “flavours” of that here (usually there’s not many flavours). You can find several stores on the old street that sell these.
A rack with all the to be processed soy items.

A drink (honey with some Chinese herbal things) advertisement that says it’s something that will make you smile…

後來我們看到了這間圍了很多人的店. 這裡賣的是麥芽花生糖. 這邊的花生糖是現做的!
Then we passed by a store with lots of people. It’s a store that sells peanut caramel candy.

老闆就是要重複的做這樣的程序, 看起來超辛苦的!
This is how the candy is made. It looks like a very tiring process.

捏玩和按摩完之後就是切切切啦!每個人只能一次最多買三盒, 但我們還是等了 1 個小時才等到我們的份!
After some massage and folding it in several layers, it is cut into smaller pieces. Each person is only allowed to purchase 3  packs of that. But it still took us an hour in the line to get ours!
雖然等很久, 不過那麥芽花生糖還真的是很好吃, 有點像龍鬚糖, 但不會很甜, 也不會黏牙, 這次買回去沒有顧人怨, 銷路不錯! xD
Although we waited for a long time, I
think it was worth it! It tasted pretty good; it was a bit like the “dragon whisker candy” (made out of lots of thin sugar threads with some peanut powder wrapped in the center) sold in traditional arts center. But it’s not so sweet and doesn’t stick on your teeth.

還有棉花糖, 這樣的路邊賣法.
There’s also cotton candy sold by hanging them on a clothing rack.

開始往大溪橋走時經過的一個滿 local 的遊樂園, 就感覺有點像電影中, 那種主角會說或回憶那是他童年的夢想或天堂吧..
This is a tiny amusement park by a small park filled with kids. What they have is very basic but there were still people in there. I think it feels like one of those dream-like place of childhood in movies.
有點像要中原普渡吧. xP 我們就是要來個大溪老街食物 shopping 戰績團體照.
Then we decided to take photos of what we got before we went back to the parking lot.

當然, 人要在裡面啦!
Of course, we’d need to be in that photo!
大溪橋在傍晚時還真的滿漂亮的. 帶點有點台但又有點異國情調的浪漫.
The Daxi Bridge at sunset is pretty with the lights.
過橋去停車場囉. 大漢溪的夕陽也不錯!
Walking across the bridge to the parking lot. The sunset here is pretty as well.

但我們後來又在橋上照些搞笑的所以真正過橋時已經天黑啦! (期待照片中! xD)
Then we were doing something else so we didn’t really cross the bridge until it was a bit .. dark.

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