[ 台北 ] 國際花博會

[ 除了花海, 樹海, 還有人山人海 ]

Since the Taipei Int’l Flora Expo is ending soon, we decided to pay a visit even though we haven’t really researched into it. Going to these kinds of expo, you need have some kind of “strategy”. Otherwise, you’d find… (continue reading...)

玩花博是需要策略的, 不過我們這次沒什麼策略, 從園山公園的那一區開始, 繞了整個會場 (除了大佳河濱公園的太遠了以外). 可能也因為是 weekend, 所以去的人也還滿多的. 許多…

… 熱門的館的預約卷在早上 10 點前就發完了…

… yourself not being able to go anywhere because there are huge line-ups everywhere.

從去年 11 月 run 到現在的花博, 在下個月就要結束了, 還有許多人沒來看吧?
The Taipei International Flora Expo started in November last year and it’s ending next month. A lot of people still have tickets on hand and/or haven’t gotten a chance to visit it yet.


This is Taiwan’s first time hosting an international exposition.


This is the back stage of the puppetry show.


The Cultural Pavilion is filled with people watching the puppetry performance.


我們去的時候預約卷都已經在發晚上 8 點了, 而沒有預約卷也沒辦法排進去看 :/
When we got to the Truth Pavilion around 10:30 in the morning, the reservation ticket for entry is only available for 8PM entry. & We couldn’t really just line up to get in. They only accepted entrance with reservation ticket.


現在台北市立美術館正展著莫內的畫, 還滿想來看的. 😀
The Taipei Fine Arts Museum. Currently there’s an exhibition on Monet. ;D

The other side of the road is another area of the expo that displays different countries’ ‘gardens”.

台灣的這個我覺得很有意境. 主題是竹子, 取名為知竹常樂.
I think the Taiwan Garden is one of the best displayed here. It is designed with some zen elements combined with traditional philosophy for living.



Inside the bamboo pathway of the Taiwan Garden.


看到了竹子就讓我想到司馬庫司的泰雅族人所說台灣的竹林故事… 這些都是祖先曾在這的記號啊..
The bamboo reminds me of what the Ta’yal Tribeman in Smangus (the most remote place in Taiwan; deep in the mountains) told us about their ancestors and the bamboo forests. Their ancestors used to mark the settlement they abandoned by planting bamboo.


The blown up rain drops outside of the bamboo basket.

有些花園館外面看起來還 ok. 但裡面只有一些投影或照片.
Some of the garden buildings look pretty nice from outside but there’s nothing much inside (mainly video and some photos of the country).
The Thailand Garden is very thai.

Inside the Thailand garden.



這個是加拿大館 – 兩隻印地安圖騰的大鯨魚和裡面的擺飾.
The Canada garden exhibit. So here’s 2 big whales in the native Indian style and the decoration inside the whales.


Along the way, you’d see lots of flowers and plants.



Heading to the Xinsheng Park Area.


I think this looks like a caterpillar.


Starbucks 在花博的店面也真是很花, 裡面也是排滿了人.
The Starbucks in the Xinsheng Park Area is decorated with a huge flower as well. The line up for ordering a drink in there is also unbelievably long.


這用空 Starbucks 杯子堆出來的樹還真有聖誕的氣氛.
The tree made with lots of empty Starbucks cups. Looks a bit like Christmas eh?

誤打誤撞進了迷宮. 要真的挑戰 (不從投降門出來) 的話, 其實還真是會須花點時間.
We entered the maze. If we really took on this challenge (& not exit from the “surrender gates”), I think it would’ve taken quite some time.


到了天使生活館和未來館前, 不過檯排隊也是排到爆, 所以我們直接放棄了. 這建築還滿像北投的圖書館.
We finally arrived at the Pavilion of Angel Life and the Pavilion of Future. But the line-ups were so long that we just gave up. The architecture of these 2 pavilions looks a bit like the famous library in Beitou.


天使生活館的旁邊還可以排隊上去走青青步道 (類似屋頂花園吧), 但排隊的人潮也真是讓人不感領教啊 (這張看不出來).
Beside the Pavilion of Angel Life, there’s a place where you could take a walk on the rooftop garden of the pavilions. But the ilne-up for it was kinda long as well (can’t tell from this photo) so we gave up.


連看個動畫也要等 2 小時啊…
Even if you want to watch some animation, you still have to wait for about 2 hours.


The window on a wall covered with branches and leaves.


Some decorated benches in the park.

再來到了林安泰古厝, 這古厝有至少兩百多年的歷史, 原本並不是蓋在這裡.
This is the Lin An Tai Ancestral House. It’s a national heritage site that was moved from another address to here. The house belonged to a wealthy man who made his fortune in trades in the 1700s.


台北僅存的古厝之一, 這很有歷史的建築使用了許多閩南的元素.
One of the remaining traditional mansions with courtyard in Taipei, the style of this ancestral house is very much in the Min-nan style.


林安泰古厝在花博園區算是個品花茶的地方. 但也有一些特殊的展示.
The Lin-An-Tai Ancestral House in the Flora Expo is a place for you to taste Chinese/Taiwanese herbal tea. There are also other flora-related exhibits here.


This is a piece of artwork made entirely of dried & pressed flowers.


The back garden of the house also had walls with windows that are in the shapes like the ones we saw in Nanyuan and the Banciao Lin Family Garden.


These walls look like they’ve just been built ‘though…

異國花園裡的金字塔 (裡面沒什麼東西) 和像個蛹的裝置藝術.
The glass pyramid in the foreign gardens area and a cocoon-like structure.

在花博商品旗艦店偷拍到的棒棒糖. 花博商品店裡賣的東西還真是多又雜啊.
Inside the flagship store for flora expo souvenir, you’d see lots of different kinds of things you could buy. This is candy with your country flag + the flora icons.


園山公園區的花海. 辦花博的難處也在於花畢竟會凋謝, 這樣就須每天去清理, 或種新的.
Sea of flowers in the Yuanshan Park. I think the challenge of holding such expo is that you have to constantly maintain it (remove any dead leaves/plants and plant new ones according to season changes).

環生方舟這棟建築是用寶特瓶建成. 但這當然哩頭還是有些學問的.
The EcoARK is built with plastic bottles. But there’s more to it than that.


寶特瓶磚不是真的拿現成的寶特瓶就去堆起來. 而是將寶特瓶變成這種特殊形狀, 讓它能像蜂窩那樣堅固.
The building is made of special blocks melted from plastic bottles. This particular shape and design gives the blocks more strength.


瓶中間是空氣, 空氣是很好的絕緣體, 所以也算能達到阻擋冷/熱空氣的作用.
Because there’s air in the bottles, the air becomes a good insulator to keep heat and cold air from directly affecting the internal temperature.


The lights behind the plastic bottle bricks.


自然與人造的對比. 這是上海花園的綠色城門和環生方舟的寶特瓶牆.
The contrast of the natural and the modern.The wall of the Shanghai Garden and the plastic bottle walls of the EcoARK.


上海花園外的牡丹開的很燦爛, 就像畫一樣.
The peony outside of the Shanghai garden in full bloom. I just looks so perfect and so like the ones in the paintings.


上海花園後面的西安的院子. 這次中國的庭園在戶外展的好像只有這兩個.

Beside the Shanghai garden is the Xi’an garden.


在西安的院子裡可以看到一些顏色很鮮艷的 “樹”. 還有書法家在地上用水寫字.
Inside the Xi’an garden, there are these colourful block-like trees and calligraphers writing with water in the garden.


我們逛了一整圈回來到爭豔館前, 沒想到排隊的人還是多到不行. 進館真的是完全沒望了. 所以玩花博還是有策略的!
We walked all around the expo area and finally came back to the pavilion by the Yuanshan Park entrance. But unfortunately the line up was still crazy so we totally gave up on seeing the interior
of pavilions. So after all, visiting these kinds of expo, a strategy is needed!


One of the icons of the Flower Expo.


終於可以說… 花博我有去過啦!
The expo runs from November 6, 2010 to April 5, 2011.

Taipei International Flora Expo 台北國際花卉博覽會: 


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