[ 蘭嶼 ] To the Lighthouse

[ 風雨中的機車環島 ]

We were there for four days. The weather on the first day was not so great. It was cloudy and rainy. We went to the old lighthouse, picked up a doggy on the way (more on this later), and then just when we were going to continue our motorcycle journey around the island, the…. (continue reading...)

第一天到達時的天氣像是颱風一樣的灰暗, . 去完開元港, 半路載了一隻小白(狗), 之後又想往環島目標前進時,中途開始下起大雨, 我們就這樣飛車地衝回光….

.. 明的世界.  到了無餓不坐 (餐廳), 真的是餓了.

… rain started pouring. Roofless and with nothing to hide under, we had to speed back to the land of no rain.


在環島路上, 也是羊狗到處跑.
On the coastal highway. You’d see goats and dogs (not wild) walking around as if they were homeless.


We went to “the” museum on the island – the Lanyu Museum.


The wall art in the museum park area is quite vivid.


在文物館還有個蘭嶼地下屋的複製品, 這個感覺上就比較沒有當地傳統 + 真正的地下屋來得有味道, 而且裡面的裝飾算是非常的多. 和第四天我們看到的不一樣.
There’s a reproduction of the traditional “underground” houses in the museum area. But this one is much more “cleaned up” and very decorated. It’s quite different from the one we saw on the fourth day.


DSC_1954 DSC_1973

DSC_1987 DSC_1974

 圖一是地下屋複製品內的畫, 其他的則是在文物館的擺飾, 其實除了擺的這些, 牆上還貼了一些關於當地文化和習俗的解說, 來這邊, 我覺得最有看頭的應該是那些介紹吧. 繞了蘭嶼一圈, 你會發覺你的疑問, 牆上的幾乎都有說, 尤其是關於飛魚.
The first photo was taken in the reproduction of the underground house. The other ones were taken in the museum. The museum is quite small and not so much to see. But the most valuable things in my opinion were the descriptions of the local culture and the flying fish festival on the walls (unfortunately only in Chinese).


到了開元港, 這邊可以看到海水是如此的清澈, 幾乎可以完全看到底.
At the Kaiyuan Harbour, you could see how clear the water is. You can almost see the things on the ocean floor.


The lighthouse that fell into ruins by the harbour.


你可以走到燈塔那, 但裡面已經沒有甚麼了. 不過在上面看整個港的景色也算不錯.
You can walk to the lighthouse. There’s not much up there anymore but you get a superb view of the harbour.


這邊的海的原色應該是那藍藍的海, 這邊還可以看到海裡的黑色礁石, 也難怪這邊沒有水上活動或划獨木舟類的活動, 真的是有點危險啦!
The colour of the ocean here under sunny days should be a gem-like blue that you kinda can see here (very faintly). You can also see the reefs in the water. They are also the reason why there’s not a lot of water activities (eg. kayaking or boating, etc.) It really can get quite dangerous when there are all these rocks beneath the water.


我們上燈塔的一路有小白陪行, 不知道牠為甚麼就是要跟著我們. 其實牠還滿可愛的.
We had a cute doggy that followed us around when we were there. Not sure why it liked to be with us so much (even chased after our motorcycles when we were leaving the place).


小白居然就捨不得離開我們了, 跳上了機車要跟我們走.
The dog didn’t want to leave us. It even jumped on our motorcycle as if were its and chased after our motorcycles when we left.


一路的環島景色, 霧濛濛和陰天都讓蘭嶼有點失色.
Scenery along the coast. Rainy and cloudy weather hides the Orchid Island’s tropical beauty.


一路上都有羊, 而且這些大部份都始有人養的羊.
There are sheep/goats along the coastal area. The owners just let them wander around the island.


最後到了漁人部落的海邊, 雨也稍稍停了. 岸邊停了許多拼版舟.
The rain stopped when we arrived at the Yuren Tribal Village. We saw the Yami fishing boats that were “parked” by the shore.


拼版舟的主要顏色有紅白和黑, 這些明亮的顏色主要是要讓它在海上時容易辨識. 如果發生船難還是有什麼問題時, 較被容易看到.
The Yami fishing boats are in red, white and black. The bright colours on the boats make the boats visible when they’re out there in the ocean. Just in case there’s some problems, they’re more easily spotted.


有些舟只能坐一兩個人, 有些大的則可坐到 10 個人. 這要看舟的  size.
Some of these fishing boats are for 1 to 2 people. But there are also ones that can have around 10 people on board.


這個標誌在蘭嶼到處都可看到, 在拼版舟上也一定會有 (船頭), 它主要代表的就是眼睛.
This symbol can be seen almost everywhere on the island. The Yami fishing boats will have this symbol at the front of the boat. The symbol stands for an eye.

出海捕飛魚都是在晚上, 而且有許多規定和儀式. 不是一般人可以想像的.
Catching flying fish is done at night (close to midnight). There are also lots of rules and rituals associated with it. It’s not easy for non-tribal or even the younger generation of the tribal people to understand.


蘭嶼整個島的海岸幾乎都是礁石, 所以走到哪裡都可以看到很特別的岸邊景色.
The whole coastal area around the Orchid Island are reefs. So there are lots of strange rocky landscapes that are quite unique to this place.


走在這樣的礁石岸邊也需要很小心, 因為可能容易被尖銳的礁石給刮傷.
Walking on the reefs can be quite dangerous because you could get hurt by the sharp rocks. So it’d be better to wear protective shoes.


半廢棄的船屋. 沒錯, 這照片裡有隻在逛街的豬.
The half abandoned houses for the fishing boats. Yes there’s a pig out there.


這邊的小朋友很可愛, 他們都不會怕和外來的人, 也許他們也習慣了吧.
The kids here are quite cute and they aren’t afraid of strangers. Maybe they’re used to having visitors wandering around their streets and playground.


晚上我們到了無餓不坐, 這算是島上很有名的一間餐廳, 也算是較早的餐廳之一. 關於在這邊吃的, 晚點寫蘭嶼吃的 post 再 show 出吧.
We ate at the Epicurean Restaurant. It’s one of the older and more famous restaurants. You could also have some drinks here. More on this place in a later post.

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