[ London ] Inamo Restaurant

I have been to a restaurant that utilizes a special technology that turns the whole dining table into a huge touch screen with a projector when I was in Taipei. So when we heard that there’s a restaurant like that in London and that restaurant is rated one of the best in London in 2010, we…

… decided to give it a try.

The interior design is pretty much in the style of modern/contemporary oriental, which matches the culinary theme.

Unlike the restaurant in Taipei (see my previous post here), you can’t do everything everywhere on the table with your finger. Instead, there’s a “mouse pad” area on the table where you move the “arrows” to select things from the menu.

Cocktail from the menu. This one is a champagne cocktail.

There are 2 kinds of dishes in general – small ones and larger ones. The small ones are petit tapas style. The portion would be considered pretty small. The photo on the left above shows soft shell crab sushi and the one on the right shows fried silky tofu.

The presentation of the scallops is quite nice but again it’s a one-bite portion.

Avacado and edamame.

Of course there were larger dishes that you could order. But don’t expect them to be “large”.

The digital menu on the table enables you to look at the menu, order from the menu, play games, see what’s going on in the kitchen, call for service or for the bill, or get some info on nearby transportation.

You can also change the background image on the table. But to be honest, I think the one I went to in Taipei has a much cooler interface.

You can see the kitchen on the table as well. This is something new. But you really can’t see too much of what’s going on in the kitchen from here.

The restaurant was rated London’s Best Restaurant 2010 by Time Out London readers. In general, we thought the ambience was good, the service was good, but the food was just okay.

It’s becoming a bit like a chain restaurant. This one is located near the Piccadilly Circus Tube Station.

Inamo Restaurant
W:  http://www.inamo-stjames.com/pc/
A; 4-12 Regent Street, London


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