[ Edinburgh ] The Scotch Whisky Experience

Even if you don’t like whisky, you can still get a ride to see how the famous Scotch whisky is made and how to taste it. It has been the third time I’ve been to Edinburgh. But every time I managed to find something else to do. Maybe…

… I just didn’t do enough during my previous visits. But I prefer to think the city has a little more to be explored.

So here we are – The Scotch Whisky Experience. When you walk up the hill to the Edinburgh Castle, you’ll pass by the Scotch Whisky Experience museum on your left.

The Scotch Whisky Experience begins with a ride on a barrel.

After you hear some talk from the “ghost” at the entrance.

After the ride, you can read some more on cask.

And get a comprehensive history on Scotch whisky and how it is made.

All the different places in Scotland where you can find a distillery. Scotch whisky is divided into four regions – The Highland, the Lowland, Speyside and Islay. Lowlands cover a large area but have very few distillery. Speyside (on the top right corner), on the other hand, covers a small area but have lots of distillery because of the water it has there.

We had a small introduction into the four regions of Scotch Whisky and were handed a hard with the smell associated with the whisky of that region (more like representative; the whisky is not limited to that particular smell. For Lowland, it was citrus; for high land, it was vanilla; for speyside, it was banana; for islay, it was smoke.

We picked the whisky of a region that we would like to try and we get to try it. These are the four bottles that were picked to represent each region.

We did the tasting in a very spectacular room housing a private collection of 300+ Scotch whisky.

It was like a wonder room.

We were given a glass like this for tasting the whisky.

All the different “smell” that can be associated with a Scotch whisky. Shoes? lol.

At the end of the tour, we end up in a larger tasting room/bar where we got to see more Scotch in bottles and a nice place to have some more Scotch.

The collection outside – shows all the cool things you can do with bottle design.

The bar where you could do some more scotch tasting with a Gold Ticket.

I don’t really like taste of whisky but it was an interesting experience to learn more about scotch whisky.

Lots of old whisky around. They say you can’t age a whisky once it has been bottled.

This one looks like a perfume bottle but it’s quite classic for a whisky bottle.

In a clock!

There’s a store in the Scotch Whisky Experience (don’t need to purchase a ticket to go to the shop). There’s quite a variety/selection of whisky there and different bottle sizes as well.

The Scotch Whisky Experience: http://www.scotchwhiskyexperience.co.uk/


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