[ London ] Signor Sassi Restaurant

There are a few restaurants on my London-to-visit list. Haven’t been around too many yet but got a head-start with Signor Sassi in Knightsbridge. It’s hard to miss the restaurant because of its bright / Mediterranean blue.  Apparently it has been around for a while and… 

a popular place for famous people to visit from time to time. It’s not too formal and not too casual so I thought it was alright.

The walls are filled with photos of people (maybe very famous?! but we didn’t really take a closer look at those).

The space in general is pretty tight in the restaurant but there are some open spaces upstairs and actually quite a lot more seats upstairs.

Juicy scallops!

Raw oysters collection.

I decided to respect the original presentation of the Spaghetti Lobster. Subtitled “Signor Sassi’s most famous dish”.

Frittura di Pesce Portofino (I think?!) It’s mainly prawns, mussels, scallops and squid.

Tiramisu and its splendid decor.

The “Italian” style of apple tart.

Mango ice-cream with a strong mango taste.

The restaurant very much feels like an Italian restaurant. But the service of the waiters in general, as many have commented on various sites, is rather below average for a restaurant of this class. Wasn’t too sure whether I chose the right restaurant because of that before we went. But luckily nothing bad happened and the manager was pretty friendly and the food was okay so.. *sigh of relief*.

Signor Sassi
A: 14 Knightsbridge Green, London  (near Knightsbridge Tube Station)
W: http://www.signorsassi.co.uk/


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