[ Richmond ] The Royal Park with Deers in London

In the movie The Hours, Virginia Woolf tells her husband: “I choose not the suffocating anesthetics of the subrubs, but the violent jolt of the Capital, that is my choice!” She was sitting on the platform of the Richmond train station. Of course, that did no justice to Richmond because she was suffering from mental illness and had major mood swings. So this is Richmond, a town sitting on zone 4 of the Greater London. It has the largest Royal Park in London and has about 650 roaming deers. On …

a weekend, we took the district line tube to its terminal station in Richmond (out to zone 4!)

I wasn’t back to the Richmond in western Canada. There’s a town in zone 4 of the Greater London called Richmond. (& maybe that’s the “original” Richmond?!) Landscape outside of central London is definitely quite different. There is also a very large park. In fact, it is the largest Royal Park in London and has about 650 roaming deers.

It was actually a pretty long walk from the station (to the park). At first we took a route that kinda ran along the river for a bit. The river-sidewalk feel reminds me of Canada. Things seems to be a little more laid back here.

When we finally arrived at the park, we realized it was really quite a large park. It’d be good for some exercise.

We saw birds and ducks in this swamp. It was so green and so flat like a grass field that if you were to come at night, you might just step right into it.

The park is a reserve so things are pretty much left as they are.

This includes the 600 something or so of these deer.

They’re basically just left to do whatever they want to do or where they want to go in the park.

& They’re not too afraid of people so you can get quite close to them. But then of course you’ll need to be careful just in case they think you are a threat.

I suppose there’s not a particular place where the deer hang out and the park is huge. So maybe you can rent a bike and see the park (otherwise you’d be quite a bit of walking!)

The weather was nice and the landscape was photogenic.

On our way back to the train station, we took another path. Down the Richmond Hills, we saw a different landscape.

It is almost surreal! The river flowing quietly and the canal boats and weekend kayaks… This is the London you probably would never imagine!

Richmond Royal Park: http://www.royalparks.gov.uk/Richmond-Park.aspx


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