[ Richmond ] Lunch at Fishworks

After the deer-sighting in the Richmond Park, we walked back to the city centre of Richmond for afternoon-lunch. The FishWorks Cafe’s bright blue colour stood out from the crowd and we entered the spacious….

… restaurant.

It’s hard to find a restaurant in london where you get quite a lot of space around you. The lighting of the interior was also very natural and airy. This place also has a cookery school where you can learn about cooking with seafood.


Salmon and bread.

Yummmy mussels!

Calamari and salad.

I think this was a lemon tart. Also pretty good.

I think they have 3 locations in London now. One in Marylebone, another in Picadilly and this one in Richmond.

The restaurant claims to prepare the “freshest” seafood in town. Although UK is an island, it’s actually pretty hard to find good seafood restaurant. Maybe seafood is just not the thing here. & only a few restaurants have managed to produce good seafood dishes (my perception so far).

FishWorks in Richmond
A: 13-19 The Market The Square, Richmond
W: http://www.fishworks.co.uk/richmond 


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