[ London ] AUBAINE High Street Kensington

High Street Kensington is not just a place with lots of shops and large supermarkets, it also has quite a few good restaurants. On a sunny October Sunday morning, we went to Aubaine on High Street Kensington. From the outside, you can see through the very large glass windows of…

the restaurant. The interior decor makes one feel one’s in a green house or some countryside (Maybe it’s the furniture and the pots of plants on the tables). It’s airy and I quite like the feel of it. It’s quite warm and cozy.

I guess when the weather of nice, a part of the restaurant also gets some morning air from the outside. We were more interested in the lunch menu so that was where we ordered from.

Octopus carpaccio, fennel, chilli and olive oil.

We had an octopus salad! Must take a lot of work to slice and arrange the octopus tentacles to something like this. It tasted pretty good as well. Definitely something different to try for a salad!

Scallops, caramelized endives, cauliflower and pomegranate.
Another yummy dish that was beautifully arranged.

Mussels, white wine, parsley and fries.
& Yup, I just had to order mussels as well because that’s so my signature dish and I want to see where on world can I get good mussels. :p

The side dishes that you could order on the side – Dauphinoise potatoes and French fries.

A nice and relaxing restaurant. Would definitely go some time again. 🙂

Aubaine – High Street Kensington
A: 37 – 45 High Street Kensington, London  (near High Street Kensington Tube Station)
W: http://www.aubaine.co.uk/ 


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