[ London ] Bubbleology

This is not a chemical laboratory; this is a different kind of bubble tea shop in London. Bubble Tea (or Pearl Milk Tea) originated from Taiwan some decades ago and became very popular worldwide. “Going to BBT” (abbrev. for bubble tea) used to be something the “young people” of our generation say when we wanted to go somewhere to hang out (this was back in Vancouver by the way). This bubble tea cafe/shop was actually…

featured on the news in Taiwan last year. Because the owner apparently went to Taiwan and fell in love with bubble tea and wanted to bring the “authentic” (or the proper) bubble tea to London. There are many places in London that sell bubble tea in addition to the other Chinese food the restaurant/cafe offers. But I suppose none of that truly appealed to the owner. So here we are – in Bubbleology in London.

From the outside, you’d wonder what those colourful “chemicals” are. If you’ve seen their website, you’d probably see that’s their twist on bubble tea primarily for marketing. It just seems more catchy and different from traditional bubble tea places.

The interior of the bubble tea cafe/shop. Basically there’s the more “traditional” milk tea version of bubble tea, fruit tea and customized bubble tea.

Bubble tea is named so because of the chewy black “pearls” or “bubbles” or tapioca (the real name for the real thing) in the drink. Of course, there are all sorts of other things you can add into a milk tea or fruit tea without making it taste weird. That’s science and art part of it.

I think the image of the shop/cafe is pretty strong and very distinctive. The country flag you see here is the Taiwan flag.

I had to line up for bubble tea for take-away. But if you want to drink here, there are some seats at the back of the shop/cafe.

I ordered the Jasmine Tea Bubble Tea. The most original bubble tea are those with Assam or Jasmine tea with milk and tapioca. The final product look like this with the proper seal just like the ones you see in Taiwan.

They have 2 store locations. One of them is this one in Soho and the other one is on the 5th floor of Harvey Nichols in Knightsbridge.

A: 49 Rupert Street, Soho, London (near Leicester Square tube station)
W:  http://bubbleology.co.uk/


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