[ London ] Portobello Market

Among all the famous markets in London, Portobello is one of the popular ones. The market is busiest on a Saturday. When you walk out from the Notting Hill Gate Station, you’ll just need to follow the crowd and you’ll find yourself heading to the market. What you’d find in this market is largely…

antiques. But you’d also find some interesting (and random) things here and there from time to time.

Walking down the street filled with stalls and shops selling all kinds of interesting things.

When we were there, it was around Halloween so there were some Halloween cupcakes around as well.

There are also stalls that sell magnifying glasses like this.

Or couch and big clocks like these.

Although we weren’t there to buy any antiques, it was fun to see what was sold at the market. Sometimes going to markets like this is like a treasure hunt.

The most random but cutest things.

The long stretch of Portobello Market on a Saturday afternoon and the crowd.

Thanks to TK for the camera. 🙂

Portobello Market: http://www.portobellomarket.org/


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