[ London ] The OXO Tower Brasserie

Along the Thames River, you cannot possibly miss a building with the huge red OXO written on it. From the other side of the river, you could also see the top floor of the building is seems to be bustling with life and people having a good time. This is… OXO Tower Brasserie, the place along the Thames where you could have a nice view of the scenery along the river from  the 8th floor (UK term).


There are  2 restaurants in the Harvey Nichols OXO Tower. There’s an OXO Tower Restaurant and an OXO Tower Brasserie. They are both on the same floor.

We went to the Brasserie. It’s more casual and it has both indoor and outdoor seating. The outdoor seating would be nice in summer when it’s not freezing cold out there. The floor of the seating outdoor is covered by “grass” (not real of course). So it gives you a sense of being in a garden.


The food here is pan-Asian. We ordered some appetizer and main dish. From the top left, soft shell crab, chill tomato kasundi, green paw-paw salad; Five spice fried squid, Thai pineapple salad, chili palm sugar caramel; main dish: Seared scallops, chorizo butter bean cassoulet, samphire, mojo; Moroccan spiced lamb two ways, harissa rump, shoulder tagine, couscous, preserved lemon labne.


The restaurant features live music after 7:30 (that was on a week day) so not sure whether it’s the same everyday or on weekends.

The restaurant was pretty empty when we got there around 6pm. But the side facing the river quickly filled up around 7 – 8 pm. The tables and seats are pretty tight so it was a bit crowded and the noise level in the restaurant is like unbelievable as well. You have to pretty much shout over the table most of the time. Very noisy in other words.

The OXO Tower Bar & Brasserie
A: OXO Tower, Southbank. (can probably walk from Waterloo Tube station or a tube station on the other side of the river).
W:  http://www.harveynichols.com/restaurants/oxo-tower-london/oxo-tower-london-brasserie

Other than restaurants, the OXO Tower is also a residential building and has 3 floors of shops, most of which are pretty artsy ones.

The shop area is pretty quiet on a weekday evening.

More Christmas deco behind the OXO Tower.

A walk along the Southbank river side, you’d see a lot of Xmas decorations.


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