[ London ] Nutcracker Night at the ROH Balcony

Among all the ballets and operas that I’ve been to, I think the Royal Opera House in London really thought its business opportunities through. Not only do they have spectacular dining options available for customers who bought a ticket to see the performance in the House, they…

probably make lots of money with the drinks they supply during the intermission/interval at their bars and lounges. The main floral hall is just too glamorous to be missed!

We were there for the performance of Tchaikovsky’s ballet piece – Nutcracker by the Royal Ballet. The Royal Opera House itself has much story to tell as well. The theatre that we see now a redevelopment of a rebuilt after the original burnt down twice in the 1800s. The first famous composer that the old theatre was associated with was Handel. This place was originally called a theatre before it expanded its repertoire. It was renamed the Royal Opera House in 1892. The Opera House went through some new developments in the 1990s and was transformed to what we see now.

Before that, we arranged a dinner at the spectacular Balcony Restaurant in the Paul Hamlyn Hall at 6pm. The Balcony Restaurant is basically the tables that you see around the Balcony (on the upper floor).

We had to pre-order what we were going to have on the day online a few weeks ago. I think that’s a pretty good idea. Basically they sent us an email with links to the online menu order page and we submit our pre-orders online.


For appetizer, we ordered Chicken Liver Parfait (special of the week) and Crab Mayonnaise, Brown Crab Dressing & Cucumber Salad.


For the mains, we ordered Roasted Cod, Lobster Linguine, Capers, Herbs. & Beef Wellington, Roast Shallots & Red Wine Sauce.

The other side of the Balcony Restaurant on the opposite side of the portico.

Then we had to rush to our seats in the Opera House for the performance of the Christmas favorites – Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker!

Nutcrakcer has been traditionally one of the more expensive ballet productions in terms of ticket price. This also may have something to do with its popularity during the particular season as well. It was definitely a sold-out full house.

We had to rush back to our table during the intermission for our dessert (we didn’t get to our dessert before the performance started). The glasses and water were left as they were when we left it. When we got to our table, the dessert were already on the table waiting for us.

There are several restaurants in the Opera House where you can dine. Seats at the Balcony is limited to reservation and pre-order are always a must. If you just want something more casual, you can go for the bar and other restaurants downstairs.

Just as magnificent and glamorous to sip some Champagne down here.

The original portico was torn down and moved to Borough Market in the 1990s. You can see my previous post on Borough Market here.

Another dining hall area with very grandiose chandelier!

& About the ballet..!! It was amazing and impressive as well. For people who have never watched a ballet, this will be a good Tchaikosvky one to watch (if you would like a tinge of Christmas spirit). The ensemble scenes, the visuals, the costumes, sets, and the performances are just amazing!

If opera puts you to sleep, the ballet will keep you awake because what you see is more than words can convey. & Imagine each movement, especially those particularly seemingly effortless dance moves, actually require so much energy and years of training to perfect.. you cannot help but be so taken away.

I have watched a very inspiring ballet film some time ago. To see what I wrote about ballet and the film, just go to this page -> http://blog.yam.com/perladipace/article/34403249

The Royal Opera House
A – Covent Garden
W – http://www.roh.org.uk


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