[ London Xmas ] Hyde Park Winter Wonderland

The city is transformed a month before Christmas to something quite magical. The peaceful Hyde Park is turned into the Hyde Park Winter Wonderland – like a big amusement park with rides, skating rink, ferries wheel, German Christmas market, games, and all kinds of goodies. On one of those….

wintry evenings, we went to the Hyde Park Winter Wonderland for a walk in the park! 😀

An amusement park cannot leave out cotton candy!

A carousal bar.. it actually moves.. just very slowly…

If you fancy something more exciting like a roller coaster, here’s something for you.


There are of course other rides you can consider..

This is like a ghost-house ride.. but the scary part is that the ghost might grab on to you as you can see in the photo above (see the picture of the “ghost” grabbing onto people in the kart and dangling in the air?)

This one is one of those things that spin really fast.. except this one has a more winter/arctic theme to it.

& A cute polar bear.. awww…

Another exciting one for those with a strong heart.

There are many houses of sweets.

The big skating rink.

& A lot of people.

This moulin rouge thing is actually a slide….

Christmas market is filled with goodies you can get for Christmas.


Christmas ornaments.

If you are running out of ideas for gifts for guys, maybe you can consider giving them a wooden tie!

Pretty soap!

This booth has lots of cute things. The cake soap slices look pretty nice too.

More Christmas tree ornaments…

The Winter Wonderland looks more “wondrous” at night with all the lights… But you can go here during day time as well.

The Angel’s Christmas Market – in the style of Germany Christmas markets.

You can also get some German sausage here.

If you fancy something sweet… you’ll find something here for sure.

These are not edible.. These are soap and lip balm…


Other yummy things – this is something like tiny pancakes.

You’ll need to buy tokens to go on the rides or go into one of these interesting “houses”.

You may also encounter a talking tree when you walk to the ferries wheel.

It’s actually kinda creepy… lol

An amusement park should have a ferries wheel.. You get to see the whole Winter Wonderland and the whole park on this ferries wheel. But we didn’t go on there ’cause it was getting kinda cold…

A musical clock where you can stand and stare at it as it sings… :p

There’s also a circus in the Winter Wonderland. You can see my previous post on that here: [ London Xmas ] Zipppos Circus @ Winter Wonderland

The Winter Wonderland is open from November 18th, 2011 to January 3rd, 2012. If you’re looking for a fun place to spend a day in London during Christmas time, you can head to the Hyde Park Winter Wonderland.

Hyde Park Winter Wonderland
A: Hyde Park, London (near Hyde Park Corner Tube Station)
W: http://www.hydeparkwinterwonderland.com/ 

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