[ Bath ] A Jane Austen Christmas

After we were done with our hectic schedule during the term, we were happy to find relief in another city, especially one that’s quite known to be a relaxing place to recover. Bath is only about 1.5 hr away from London so that was our escape of the day. Was happy…that the weather was nice (cold but sunny!) and great company. 🙂

The peaceful and quiet streets in the morning.

The same old bridge still stands and the stores on the bridge are still bustling with life, evening on a cold December morning.

On the streets of Bath, there are people singing carols, playing trumpets and big band performances. This place is so festive and full of the Christmas spirits.

The weather is a bit strange here and there. But generally it was quite sunny.

More Christmas display on the streets.

We went to the Royal Crescent, the furthest point on our map of the day. This used to be the place the super wealthy lived in the time of Jane Austen (& maybe even now as well).

It was pretty quiet here that day and Crescent No. 1 (a museum where you could see what life was like inside one of the apartments at the Royal Crescent) was not open so we could only imagine what it was like from outside.

Would you like to buy a house? Which one would you buy? We don’t see any price…
Outside of Hamptons (a real estate agency).

We stopped by the Jane Austen Centre on Gay Street. Jane Austen used to live on this street but not at the place where the Centre is now. Jane Austen only lived in Bath for about 5 years but it was a place where she got to see the social world in its complex form.

All kinds of books on Jane Austen you can buy here. There are also books on the courtship and love of the time, as well as etiquette for genlemen and appropriate behavior for everyday.

I was here 5 years ago. The museum didn’t change much I would say (maybe with information on a few new films based on Jane Austen’s novels). But some things about her that still come as a surprise to me although it shouldn’t as I might have read it somewhere. eg. Jane Austen never got married. She was engaged to a very wealthy man but broke the engagement just after 12 hours because she was “too romantic at heart to marry for money”.

A special Christmas treat at the Jane Austen Centre at the end of the walk. It’s definitely a bonus to visit here during Christmas time.

There’s a special room dedicated to Christmas around Jane Austen’s time and her family’s way of celebrating it.

We were offered some mulled wine and Christmas plum pudding.

A cheese store we passed by that sold all kinds of cheese.

This is not a cheese store, this is a big chunk of soap displayed at the window of LUSH.

Bath Abbey viewed from the Roman Bath.

The Roman Bath is almost a must-visit attraction in Bath. You’d see this in people’s photos so much that you may feel you missed something important if you didn’t see it yourself.

The Roman Bath’s history goes back a long time (about 2,000 years old) and its hotspring was believed to have some therapeutic quality.

For more information on the Roman Bath Museum, you may find it on its website.

After we got out of the The Pump Room for the Afternoon Tea, it got pretty dark. The Christmas chandeliers were on.

We had some time to shop before heading to the train station. We found some interesting chocolates at Hotel Chocolat. The way they package the colourful and artsy chocolates is pretty impressive. Looks almost like a cosmetic shelf display eh?

One of the chocolate package I got. This one is pretty good if you like a bit of liqueur in your chocolate.

There were also some shops selling cute little things.

The other streets are filled with these large snow flakes.

Bath at Christmas time has a bit of something added to it. Would recommend visiting it around the Christmas time if you plan to go. It’s also great to see what Christmas is like in another city in UK.


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