[ London ] Count Down to 2012

When we walked out of the Garrick Theatre after the performance of Chicago last evening, it was pouring rain and the streets were filled with people flooding to Embankment to see the fireworks. We managed to make it home in time to catch….

… the last of 2011 and the bombastic fireworks celebrating 2012 on the BBC live broadcast.

Went to the Hummingbird Bakery to get some New Year cupcakes!


We went to see the Chicago musical after dinner. It was pretty last-minute and I could only think of this musical and Les Miserables as the two musicals that I still yet to watch. Used to play the music from this musical with friends from the orchestra time. It was great fun then. It was great to see it performed life. Some parts were even better choreographed than the movie some years ago featuring Rene Zwelleger & Catherine Zeta-Jones.  The actress playing Roxie Hart for the evening is America Ferrera, an American actress in comedy who has also been a winner for Golden Globe Awards and Emmy Awards. This was her last performance in London.


Heading back home before the fireworks even started was kinda a mess, especially with the rain. Many entrances were closed for entry. This is the line-up (queue) to enter the tube station.


We made it back in time for the count down. The fireworks at the London Eye everywhere is a spectacular that attracts millions and millions of people from around the world. If you’d like to get a good spot, you’d probably have to go early in the day. Some people even went at 1pm for it. After 8pm, it’d be very difficult to get to the river bank because the crowd pretty much filled it up. It seems like the whole world is here to celebrate 2012. With the bombastic fireworks performance in the London style, we welcomed 2012!

Have to thank T for the new year celebration. 🙂

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