[ London ] The Swan at Hammersmith

Before heading to the Apollo Theatre for Fish Leong’s concert, we stopped by The Swan just outside of the Hammersmith Tube Station. It was too cold so didn’t really bother to try to find the restaurant that I was looking at. But this pub…turned out to be a pretty old fashioned but fancy pub.

“Famous for being the site of the first coaching stop west of London in the 18th Century.”

There are two floors to this pub (quite large indeed). The seating on the upper floor is nicer. BUt the ground floor ones are more “classic”.

Stairs to the upper floor. It’s just like the living room of a English manor.

Fish and chips is just okay here.


& Pie.

Pub food menu – not particularly special but alright for pub food.

From its website, the following description seems to show that this place has some cultural and arts associations: “The rich tapestry of this inspirational home also attracted great luminaries of the Arts & Crafts movement, such as William Morris and also Edward Johnstone, designer of the famous London Underground “Bulls Eye” symbol. This artistic heritage also extended to Gustav Holst, (composer of the Planets) whose composition ‘Hammersmith’ reflected his impressions of the town where he worked.

So absorb the decorated times of yore as you enjoy our rich ale offering and, just like the great artists before you, you may be inspired to design something wonderful just by reflecting upon what’s around.”

The Swan in Hammersmith
A: 46 Hammersmith Broadway, London (near Hammersmith Tube Station)
W: http://www.nicholsonspubs.co.uk/theswanhammersmithlondon/ 


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