[ London ] The Roof Gardens Babylon

There are a few roof top restaurants one could explore in London. The Roof Gardens Babylon on High Street Kensington is a pretty hidden place with a roof top garden, a restaurant and a private club. The restaurant itself is quite nice with…a nice view of the Kensington skyline. Apparently in the gardens outside of the restaurant, there are some flamingos in the summer time?!

View of South Kensington from the restaurant.

We got there at 12 for our reservation. The waiting area and the bar look really nice.

I love the combination of the pink orchid and the shiny green + elegant sofa. This place is actually part of the big Virgin group. Interesting…

Excuse our bags. But I think this golden green just looks so grandioso!


The cocktails here are quite good as well and they have quite a selection. The one to the left is the Moulin Rouge, which is fresh strawberries, mint, lime with a  good hit of Tanqueray gin and the spicy kick of ginger beer and angostura bitters. The other one is a fruity schurb that looks really good as well.

The best bread in a restaurant that I have so far.. Warm, hard and soft! The other is the side dish that comes with our mains.

We got the 2-course Sunday set lunch menu. We had this Parma ham and fig chutney for starter.


Tofu – another starter and the Roasted pork belly served with Bramely apple sauce as our main. The food was nice.

The Roof Gardens Babylon
W: http://www.roofgardens.virgin.com/en/the_roof_gardens/babylon
A: 7th floor, 99 Kensington High Street, London (close to the High Street Kensington Tube).


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