[ London ] Gordon Ramsay at Claridges

Among all the Gordon Ramsay restaurants, Gordon Ramsay at Claridge’s is the second one I went to. The first Gordon Ramsay one – Boxwood is already gone. The Claridge’s is a recommendation from a friend and a special celebration place. The…restaurant is located inside the Claridge Hotel near the busy Bond Street Tube station.

Little chips and bread sticks to munch on and a glass of Champagne for the special evening. Dinner here only has 2 set options at fixed price: the tasting menu with 5 dishes or a 3 course menu.

Sautéed Scottish scallops, cauliflower, Champagne and Sevruga caviar. This is pretty nice with its imaginative (and fragmented) display of scallops.

Small soup before the appetizer and some really hard & not crusty bread.

A nice refreshing one before main course and my main: Longford Estate trout fillet, braised leeks, brown shrimp and horseradish velouté.

Another main: Roasted breast and confit of duck with roasted red onion and sauce soubise.


Custard tart, Champagne rhubarb ice cream – a bit standard… not fancy. Alright and quite filling. & The small chocolate and marshmallow sweets at the very end.

Blood orange baked Alaska flambé. Basically the waiter comes with some alcohol and light it on fire before pouring on the meringue and let it burn until it the meringue is a bit burnt. Has a pretty cool visual effect.

To get to the restaurant, you’ll pass through this afternoon tea seating area.

At night, there’s also live jazz performance.

Gordon Ramsay at Claridge’s
W: http://www.gordonramsay.com/claridges/
A:  Brook Street, London (near Bond Street Tube Station)


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