[ London ] The Icebar London by Ice Hotel

In London, there’s a place where you could experience being in an icy world. The Icebar by Icehotel is a bar made of ice from Northern Sweden. From the bar, the wall, the chair, the table to the cup in our hands. In the 40 mins you have in the…ice bar, you can basically order a drink (the standard cocktails come with the ticket to the ice bar or other drinks that you need to pay a bit extra for).

You can only stay in the ice bar for 40 minutes (they operate in this time slot thingy..) But you can’t really stay in there longer than that anyway – either too cold or not too much to do.

The ice in the ice bar is from the Tom River of Jukkasjarvi in Northern Sweden.


Every autumn, artists transformed the ice bar with a different theme.

“Paintings” on the walls, embedded in ice.

The bar requires some “repairing” from time to time I suppose… It is actually quite slippery and your cup or menu would slide off if you’re careful..


During the 40 minute session, the lights around the bar will change. You can see how different the space is transformed with different lighting.


The thick layer of ice with its marks and bubbles looks a bit surreal.

The seating area where the tables and the chairs are made of ice.

The cups are basically a block of ice. You’ll need a glove to wear it because it’s so cold!!! The gloves ones with the hoodies. There weren’t much selection in terms of cocktails.& We ordered the London Calling, which was quite fruity and nice.


At the end of the session, the purple/white light comes on and everything looks a bit more clear.


The Icebar entrance. There’s also a lounge and restaurant in there (not covered in ice).

Souvenir you can get for the Icebar.

Ice Bar London by Icehotel
W: http://www.belowzerolondon.com/
A:  31-33 Hedon Street, London (near Piccadilly / Oxford Circus Tube Station)


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