[ Malta ] Boating Around the Island

We embarked on an epic journey around the island of Malta against the winds and in the rough sea. Then it came to us, the proper way to enjoy this boat ride is to…either 1)  grab a soft padded mat and lie flat on the deck, or 2) grab the indoor seat as soon as you can.

We went on the Captain Morgan cruise/boat departing from Sliema. Basically the boat goes around the island, to the Blue Lagoon and makes a complete circle to head back to Sliema. We departed around 10am in the morning and came back to Sliema around 4:30pm.

We were quite excited initially because the boat looks kinda “archaic” (in terms of design that is).

Leaving the harbor to the sea. The cityscape is pretty monochromatic but dramatic.

That will lead you to land or sea.

Along the coast of Malta, there are several settlements (small seaside towns) here and there. Other than that, the coast line looks like this. Some parts may be more dramatic with sharper cliffs, some caves, etc.

Most people would have to sit on a mat or somewhere on the front deck because there are not many seats at the back or the inside of the boat. The good thing is you can get some proper sun tan.

We thought we would stop by a few sea ports but apparently not!! If you’re a Popeye fan, you’d probably want to jump off the boat and swim to this village (because our boat didn’t stop here but close enough for you to swim over if you want… just kidding). This Popeye Village was pretty much built in the nowhere originally as a film set in the 1980s. The movie wasn’t successful but the film set remained. Now it’s a small amusement park.

After hours, we finally finally arrived at the Blue Lagoon at the Camino Island. The water is aquamarine and so clear and mesmerizing. It was like a big gem and we were right in the middle of it. We stopped here for a short time. Had lunch on board of the boat (a light buffet lunch was included).

Then we were on our way sailing around the island and back to Sliema. It was definitely too long of a boat ride. Although the sea wasn’t extremely rough (still considered rough though), it was kinda cold outside and the boat was rocking a bit that anyone who cannot grab on to something will probably fall overboard. It was quite windy outside and there was only a bench inside the cabin. So most people who could not stand the cold would just need to stand inside the cabin because you gotta yield the seats to the elderly walking with canes… (seriously dangerous for them to go on a boat trip like this though!) We spent most of the time on the boat trying not to get too sea sick (while standing that is) & we did take some medications before we went on the boat. It was definitely quite an adventure and we just couldn’t wait to get back to land!

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