[ London ] Mad Hatter’s Tea


Fancy for some Mad Hatter’s Tea? Drink me!!!
This is another afternoon tea place in London that has a special theme – the Alice in Wonderland theme. The hotel where you can have this tea is actually a pretty modern and contemporary hotel. The tea room is a semi-outdoor and rather “zen-like” garden. The main…theme here is manifested on the plates.


The Mad Hatter’s Tea in the garden of the Sanderson Hotel.


The afternoon tea set comes with a cocktail, the savory and sweet (3-tier) dessert and tea. You can choose traditional tea, or you can choose something like this flowering tea.

Untitled Untitled

Rainbow colored fingers sandwich. The savory sandwiches and the butter and jam for the scones.


Queen of Hearts Strawberry & Cream Moose.
The heart-shape dessert that echoes the Alice theme and says “Eat me”. It’s white chocolate on the outside and moose inside.. but I must say this is a bit too sweet…

Untitled Untitled

Traditional scones and a clock cake – Chocolate Opera Rabbit’s Clock.

Untitled Untitled

You also get some nice lollipops that gives you a fizz – Blueberry lollipop and Hazelnut Praline ice-cream lollipop. And the other good “potion” is in that “Drink Me” bottle. Passion fruit jelly with coconut pana-cotta and exotic foam.


The lobby of the Sanderson Hotel.
In general, I think the afternoon tea here is just alright.. Don’t think it’s refillable and the sweet ones are a bit too sweet. Would be better if they have more variety too. But the Alice in Wonderland theme is quite novel and cute.

Mad Hatter’s Afternoon Tea at the Sanderson Hotel
W: http://www.sandersonlondon.com/en-us/#/explore/?id=/sanderson-london-mad-hatters-tea/
A: 50 Berners Street, London (between Oxford Circus and Tottenham Court tube station).


4 thoughts on “[ London ] Mad Hatter’s Tea

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  2. I found the whole display of the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party to be quite exquisite and exuberant! The small treats simply take you into the world of Alices’ adventures and makes you feel as if you’re right there. I found this post of yours truly inviting and very appealing!

  3. I love your blog so I am thrilled to present you with a Versatile Blogger Award that can now be displayed on your site.
    For information on what to do next link to the VBA site via the icon in my homepage sidebar. Well done!

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