[ New York ] Craft Restaurant


Headed by Tom Colicchio, an American celebrity chef, Craft is a popular location for dine out in New York. This is the first restaurant we went to after we got off the plane and a long ride to our hotel. The…
food here is quite flavorful.

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Spoon of chef’s spoonful complementary appetizer, scallops and raw oysters. They have quite an extensive wine collection as well. The sommelier was really good as well. We got to try several different wine before we chose which one to have for a glass. The focus was on getting the one you like instead of the most expensive one too so that was really good!

We didn’t order much as we were still kinda tired from the long journey. One of the main course we ordered – soft-shell crab.


I must say this is some wicked spicy sorbet!! The Dark Chocolate Mousse Tart – Coconut & Passion Fruit-Jalapeno Sorbet. I was looking for the tropical sweet and sour taste but that sorbet was unbelievably spicy!!! Other than that, the restaurant is pretty good.


Craft Restaurant
W: http://www.craftrestaurantsinc.com/
A: 47 East 19th Street, New York

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