[ Lake District ] Trip to Peter Rabbit’s Windermere


Lake District is a large national park on the northwestern part of England where there are many lakes, mountains natural woodland landscape. The Lake District is made up of many lakes and is the largest national park among the 13 national parks in England & Wales. There are many towns and villages along the lakes, with Bowness-on-Windermere…being among one of the most well known ones.


Trip to Lake District starting with a visit to a friend in Blackpool.

Along the pier of Blackpool.

Then enroute to The Lake District.


We stayed at the Lindteth Howe Country House Hotel at the southern tip of Bowness-on-Windermere. More about this place and its history in the next post. The pier where we could take boats is more at the heart of Bowness-on-Windermere.


A walk along the lake to the pier. It was definitely quite a walk from the hotel to the pier where we could take the boat cruise.

There are boats that you can to go up and down the lake to stop at different places. Lake Windermere is the largest lake in the Lake District. Taking a boat up and down the river can take hours.

Untitled Untitled

We didn’t have the time and patience to take long boat rides so we went with the 45min Island Cruise (the blue line) and that proved to be just the right amount of time to spend on the lake (in terms of “cruising” it).

Boat Tour of Windermere: www.windermere-lakecruises.co.uk


Lake Windermere on Day 1. It would be so much nicer to kayak or canoe in the lake. It was still a bit cold (need dawn jacket) when we went.


Sent photos of the lake to my family. We agree that Lake District (as we see it from here) is pretty, but the Canadian lakes are much prettier.

Dinner at Hooked


We combed the Tripadvisor list of restaurants around Bowness-on-Windermere the night before we went there. Not surprisingly, the number 1 on the list was fully booked. Many good restaurants here are quite small anyway so it’s hard to get a seat if you don’t book earlier. Hooked is ranked pretty high on the list and the reason why we were there. We were only able to book for dinner at 5:30pm because the restaurant was completely full other than that time slot.

Untitled Untitled

Hooked is a seafood restaurant. The dishes here are quite good I must agree. The mussels is one of the best I have in UK. There’s just something about the sauce that makes it a bit different from the rest. The fish is very nicely cooked as well.


I love this seafood spaghetti. It’s pretty light but tasty.


The mango cheesecake is a bit like yogurt. Other than that, it has a pretty strong mango taste.

The World of Beatrix Potter Attraction


I was not that familiar with Peter Rabbit until I started researching into the area where I was staying at.


The series of children books by Beatrix Potter was a huge hit. The stories are quite simple and revolves around animals that act and dress like human.

Untitled Untitled

The World of Beatrix Potter Attraction basically replicates the characters and scenes from the main characters’ adventures.

Untitled UntitledUntitled Untitled

The characters look so real and vivid (& cute!!!)


In the imaginative world of Beatrix Potter’s stories, you’d feel very much immersed in the story.


Even for people who didn’t have Peter Rabbit in their childhood, the World of Beatrix Potter may bring out the child in you. If you have some time, you can also check out the Tea Room. We didn’t have time so we’re leaving that for another time!

The World of Beatrix Potter
W: http://www.hop-skip-jump.com/
A: Bowness-on-Windermere, Cumbria, The Lake District, LA23 3BX

For other Beatrix Potter attractions, you can check it on on the Petter Rabbit website.

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