[ London ] Sarastro Restaurant


I’ve never seen a restaurant with so much drama and flair. Once you enter the restaurant, you’d see a long table in the centre and lots of gilded and carpeted (exotic) seats and balconies like those seen opera houses. This restaurant is located in the Soho area of London, near…the theatre district.


We didn’t manage to get a balcony seat, but these other ones were interesting enough and close enough to live performers.


They offer pre-theatre menus and also set menu at a fairly good price. This was the appetiser soup of the day (lentil soup).

Untitled  Untitled

We ordered the Tenor menu (which is a set of set menu with 2 or 3 courses at under £20. These two are: Chicken Mediterranean with Mediterranean vegetables, roast potatoes and pomegranate sauce & Salmon Fillet with potatoes, mixed peppers, sautéed beetroot and chive & red caviar sauce.


Lamb Anatolian Served with mixed vegetables and mashed potato.


On certain evenings they have opera singers performing here. On other days, they also have other kinds of performers playing in the house. The performers will come around and collect tips after the show.


The upper balcony seat. I must say the interior decor of this restaurant was a big “wow”. Looks really busy and exotic. The washroom wallpaper was another jaw-dropping wow (and not suitable for children). The food was alright for the price range.

Sarastro Restaurant
A: 126 Drury Lane, London (near Covent Garden)
W: http://www.sarastro-restaurant.com/


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