[ London ] The Booking Office Bar

Untitled Saw this bar/restaurant on a guide some time ago and thought it looked very interesting. The Booking Office Bar is housed in what used to be the ticket booking office of a old train station in the 19th century. Within the train station framework, you get to…
dine in style and enjoy the nostalgic feel of this grandiose space.


The exterior of the St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel. Looks very grandiose and has that air of the old train travel nostalgia eh?


The bar serves punch and cocktails. There’s only limited selection of food to choose from.


I thought this place looked like a old library when I first saw its advert photos. But actually the interior is darker and much more like a bar (a classy one).

Untitled Untitled

From the restaurant, you could see the Eurostar terminal and some Eurostar trains parked there.  For a light drink, we ordered the Charles Dickens’ Memorial. It’s basically Demerara sugar (rough cubes), pineapple infused rum and Martell VSOP Cognac. How it was made according to the drinks menu: Mix the sugar and alcohol, then heat until the sugar dissolves, extinguish the flame, then add the juice of lemon and boiling water. Pour the liquid into a jar and cover, allow to cool, then uncover, taste and serve. It was really nice and smooth.


The soup of the day (turnip soup) and nice crusty bread. Very good.

Bar plates – Fried calamari.


The Fish + Triple Fried Chips. Nice and crispy fish batter with nice chips.


The Booking Office 
A: St Pancras Renaissance Hotel London, Euston Road, London (near King’s Cross & St. Pancras station & Eurostar terminal)
W: http://www.bookingofficerestaurant.com/restaurant/hotels/hotel-information/travel/lonpr-booking-office-st-pancras-renaissance-london/ 


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