[ Southern France ] All the Glamour of Cannes and Boutique Hotel


We arrived at Cannes later in the afternoon. Cannes is quite different from other cities we went to because it looks busier and more posh (lots of luxury cars roaming the streets, especially the boulevard by the beach). The long stretch of the big fashion brand shops also…
tells you something about this city that’s famous for its annual Cannes Film Festival where lots of celebrities dream of attending. In a film-making class I had some time ago with a movie producer, she mentioned the Cannes Festival is where lots of “trading” (for rights to distribute, etc.) happens for new films. So it’s very important for film makers as well as film distributors. Other than the halo of the international film festival, Cannes has little historical attractions and scenic attractions.

Untitled Untitled
Seaside Cannes with all the boutique and brand name product stores and nice apartment complexes.

There’s also an exhibition on Picasso here as well.

The mist over the water covers the mountains. It looks almost like a water painting.

Beautiful beach with people “plowing” sand.

Untitled Untitled
Untitled Untitled

We stayed a really nice boutique hotel just outside of the main train station. The area is a bit messy because it’s right by the train station and the main shopping streets. But through the small glass door of this boutique hotel, it was a different world. Each room has its own theme and cool furniture or interior deco. Even the soap dish had real fishes in it and all the toiletry was L’Occitane!

Hotel Colette
A: 5 place de la Gare – 06400 CANNES
W: http://www.hotelcolette.com/English.phtml

Just a block away from our hotel was a very cool patisserie called L’aterlier Jean Luc Pele. The interior decor and the desserts and macaroons sold in the store look very chic and delicious.

We didn’t get macaroons but we ordered a few other desserts to take away.

Untitled Untitled
We got a vanilla creme brûlée from L’atelier Jean Luc Pelé and also a fruity cake on a pastry (below). We got a sponge cake from Lenôtre, another patisserie, on the main shopping street.

Jean Luc Pelé is a famous chocolatier. The L’atelier is a venture that captures other kinds of confections and dessert.

We had dinner at Le Petit Lardon, a small family-run restaurant that ranks pretty high on Cannes’ casual dining list.

Untitled Untitled
The olive oil comes out of a “spray”. Pretty cool eh?

The food here is pretty simple and home-made but it’s quite nice.

The restaurant looks quite cozy.

Le Petit Lardon
A: Rue du Batéguier, Cannes

Beside the Le Petit Lardon is a very American fast-food looking restaurant.

The beautiful beaches of Cannes.

We had to be on our way back to Nice to return the car before 9:30am. Because the hotel didn’t have a parking lot so we had to park at a nearby parkade about 5-10minutes by foot. The place in the photo above is a busy shopping street on a Sunday morning.

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