[ Taipei ] Season Cuisine Pâtissiartism


I ate this whole thing for dessert (well… maybe not the pot). I went to this restaurant twice on a weekend because this place is amazing. I went there lunch and afternoon tea on different days. Their dessert, I must say, is exquisite and quite creative. This “pot” was…
one of the things that attracted me to this place. It’s basically a mint chocolate ice-cream. The “soil” is chocolate crumbles and underneath is a nice minty ice-cream with mint leaves  chopped and mixed into the fine, sorbet like texture. It was very delicious!


The restaurant is in a residential area near the MRT Dazhi Station. It’s one of those places you probably wouldn’t know if you haven’t heard it from somewhere. The restaurant has  an outdoor patio and a homey indoor seating space.


I saw this on the menu while I was waiting for my friends to arrive. “I love this quote… The wording is just so graphic and powerful! – “In the depths of winter, I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer.” – Albert Camus

IMG_3047 IMG_3050

Lunch time! The bread was alright and main dishes were nice (although there weren’t that many to choose from if you want pasta/spaghetti dishes). The dish to the right is the Confit Grapefruit Gnocchi / Ratatouille. I must say the dishes are all pretty “unconventional”. They try to add bits of creativity into the cuisine.


This is an interesting one – Angel Hait / Passionfruit Olive Oil Marinated Shrimp / Watermelon Granite. It’s basically cold spaghetti with seafood in fruity sauce with watermelon flavoured ice on it.


Truffle Hazelnut “Gran Riserva” Risotto (Vegetarian) – this one has a pretty strong truffle smell/taste to it.


There are some large seating tables in the restaurant and a big window to look into the kitchen. The seats in there is quite limited so usually people have to make reservation in advance.


One of the dessert that you’ll have to pre-order – a Mille Crêpes. They also put it together in front of you.


The finished product of the fruity Mille Crêpes.


Their version of the apple crumble! Can’t really see from there but there “gold leaves” on it.  The citrusy sorbet is also very refreshing. The little cup is something like an apple juice.


The little complimentary sweets from the chef.


I came another day for the afternoon tea. They offer nice afternoon tea sets with these small desserts, a cotton candy, a dessert of your choice and a pot of tea.

IMG_3086  IMG_3083

You’d never expect a restaurant like this to serve cotton candy but it does. The other one is an apple tart that you have to order as a separate dessert dish. The yellow “roses” you see are apple slices!


The slice of cake also looks very elegant.


The little treats from the chef today was slightly different. Would definitely recommend this place for their dessert! It’s also a nice place to just sip tea and catch up with friends.


Season Cuisine Pâtissiartism
A: No. 22, Alley 2, Lane 397, Ming Shui Rd., Taipei  (near MRT Dazhi Station)
W: https://www.facebook.com/SEASON.CuisinexPatissiartism


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