[ Taipei ] Pierre Marcolini


Have been so behind on updating. Haven’t gotten around to finishing my Sichuan trip too but moving on quickly to some food entries in Taipei first. Went to a nice Belgium chocolate store/restaurant in the Shinkong Mitsukoshi Mall in Taipei the other day. Pierre Marcolini is famous for its…
chocolate and pastry. But here they also serve savoury dishes. I ordered a set with a main dish, soup, breadsticks and tea.


The soup of the day is a veggie soup. The way it’s presented is quite nice. The portion is quite tiny though.


I had the chocolate risotto. The risotto itself doesn’t have chocolate in it. But the piece of chocolate placed on top of it melts as it gets warm up by the risotto. That was pretty interesting…


My friend ordered a banana chocolate dessert with ice-cream. It was pretty nice.


Heard their chocolate drink is good as well (those thick chocolate drink). But I only tried a small piece of it with my tea. It was really smooth and not sweet. That was pretty good.

Pierre Marcolini Chocolate Salon
A: 2F, A4 Building, Shinkon Mitsukoshi, Taipei
W: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Pierre-Marcolini-巧克力藝術沙龍/225220137542113


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