[TPE] Terminal 2 China Airlines’ New First Class Lounge

This photo was taken from the China Airlines website

In addition to the one near gate D4, China Airlines opened another lounge for First Class and its other special China Airlines card members in May 2013 at the Taiwan Taoyuan Airport. The lounge has a very classy Chinese feel to it. It’s named the Plum Garden (literal translation). It is pretty large and offers open and closed spaces for…people who want more privacy.

Airport Lounges

This is the private “cabins” I was in. These come in cabins for single guest or 2 guests (larger and have 2 seats facing each other). It’s quite nice in the sense that you get the whole space to yourself and can enjoy some quiet moments. But it’s a bit claustrophobic if you prefer open space.

CI lounge
There’s  an electrical outlet on the table so you could charge things while you’re sitting in there. That’s a good thing to have.

CI lounge

The order menu here is a bit different from the other lounge. They didn’t have the noodle that I wanted so I ordered the Wonton noodle.

CI lounge

There’s also an open buffet area but I didn’t walk over to check it out. I was glued to my seat doing work stuff. 😦
Apparently there’s also a shower room, massage chairs, meditation space and a large 3D TV.

Will I consider revisiting this lounge again:    Probably YES


The press release on the opening of the new lounge taken from the China Airlines website:

貴賓室以行政院副院長毛治國揮毫《梅苑》兩字命名,搭配國寶級書法大師董陽孜老師的「天涯若比鄰」墨寶代表華航精神,室內並展示多位台灣藝術家風格 獨具之創作。華航也特別引進由工業技術研究院研發、全臺灣首台最大尺寸無須配戴3D眼鏡之65吋裸眼多視點3D電視,讓《梅苑》成為向全世界旅客展現台灣 文創與科技精華的最佳舞台。

《梅苑》佔地155坪,提供65個座位、全區無線上網、公用電腦區、觀景座位區、小型包廂、私人寧靜閱讀區、淋 浴設施以及提供舒壓按摩椅的冥想空間,讓旅客能在《梅苑》得到量身訂做、一對一精緻化點餐服務的享受。餐點提供多款中外美食和台灣小吃如珍珠奶茶,更貼心 客製化早餐、午餐和下午茶等不同時段菜單,也納入廣受旅客歡迎及好評的地瓜、茶葉蛋等貴賓室輕食,讓飛行前的等待成為煥然一新、賓至如歸的休憩體驗。

《梅 苑》貴賓室為知名建築師劉培森親手打造的新東方意象場域,融合中西方設計元素,讓傳統與現代文化在空間中轉換,創造出屬於當代華人生活空間的慢活美學風 格。《梅苑》內以羅漢椅、八角亭、迴廊與月門等中華文化意象,加以台灣花藝、茶道茶食等台灣特色,整合蛻變為東方新意象。《梅苑》貴賓室歡迎頭等艙旅客、 華航晶鑽會員,詳細使用規則請上華航官方網站查詢。

Source: http://www.china-airlines.com/ch/newsch/newsch001356.htm


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