[ Vancouver ] Thierry Handcrafted French Dessert

Vancouver ThierryThere are only a few places in downtown Vancouver where you can get some dessert after dinner and Thierry would be one of those places crowded with people. After we had our dinner, we decided to head to this place for…some “French” dessert.

Vancouver Thierry

The display is very much like what you’d see at some European bakery or bakery or wine & cheese store.

Vancouver Thierry

Their macarons look pretty “hand made”… hmm.. I had too much sweet things so my dear friend ordered this dessert that was less sweet and it was yummy. The place gets very crowded around and after dinner time so it’d be a bit difficult to find an indoor seat (you’d really want an indoor seat especially under this super cold weather – although with people opening the door you get quite a wind chill as well).

A: 1059 Alberni Street (Thurlow/Burrard), downtown Vancouver
W: http://www.thierrychocolates.com/

Vancouver Thierry

It’s a month to Christmas. The restaurant opposite from the patisserie is filled with Christmas spirits!


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