[ LAX ] Sheraton Gateway Hotel

LAX Sheraton Gateway

Passing through the US border is always a stressful and annoying event, especially when the officer sees that you’re traveling alone and got there early enough to be “quarantined” for more questions and inspections. I’ve traveled more than 35 countries and this is the only country that I feel like they treat foreigners like they’re not welcomed (oh pu-leease not every foreigner wants to stay and live in the US). Anyway, my Air Canada flight time was ridiculously changed to 2-hrs after + 1 hr delay, so I got to LAX almost 12AM.  I was planning to get there around 8pm and rest at the hotel but obviously didn’t get to bed ’til almost 2am. Because I was taking another flight out around noon time the next day, I decided to stay at Sheraton…Gateway Los Angeles (right outside of the airport terminal).

LAX Sheraton Gateway

It was already 12am’ish. I couldn’t believe I had to wait in the line for 30 minutes before I was checked in. The front desk is either very short of people or they are not doing a good job with queue management. Come on, you don’t spend like 5 mins checking in a person when there’s like 10 people waiting in the line. Direct non-reservation related thing to people at other help desks!  & Come on people, you should have the sense to get out of the way ASAP unless it’s something you couldn’t call the front desk later. When it was finally my turn, the front desk said their manager has to enter my reservation because they could check me in. I was like what? Shouldn’t you guys do this like when I made the reservation via booking.com? or at least like earlier in the day? So the front desk rep had to run in and out of the front desk office to check with the manager for almost everything. Why doesn’t the manager just help out at the front desk then? This is crazy. When I worked at hotel, the front desk manager comes out to help out when things get busy.

LAX Sheraton Gateway

Enough with the rant, I got a king size bed room (no other choice when I booked). The room was quite nice.

LAX Sheraton Gateway

The colour and style was quite homey. The TV was in a closet with sort of broken door though.

LAX Sheraton Gateway
Starbucks coffee and tea. But the water doesn’t come free (3 USD each).

LAX Sheraton Gateway  LAX Sheraton Gateway

Closet and washroom.

LAX Sheraton Gateway

This is smart… saves them trouble too.

LAX Sheraton Gateway

The good thing about this hotel is its convenience and its room I think. The hotel also offers free shuttle to take you to and from the LAX airport (the shuttle bus comes every 10-15 mins; no reservation required). The only thing about staying near the airport though is that you could hear airplanes. Although I don’t remember much of it, you could still hear it from time to time.

Notes about the hotel:
Airport Shuttle Service: Yes (pick up from each terminal and pick up from hotel)
– Wireless Internet: Free and available in room.

In sum, I overall impression of the hotel was alright. More like a 3.5 – 4-star to my standard.
But would I stay here again?   If I have to wait for a flight transfer overnight at LAX, probably yes.

Sheraton Gateway Hotel
A: 6101 West Century Boulevard · Los Angeles, CA 90045 · United States
W: http://www.sheratonlax.com/


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