[ Taipei Dine Out ] VVG Action!


Songshan Culture and Creative Park is a new spot in Taipei for visitors who like creative and “design-y” things. The restaurants and cafe there also have a very different character. Went out for lunch with a good friend at VVG Action. The theme of the restaurant is… 

a bit retro cinema and Parisian.

 DSC_2957 DSC_2954

As you enter the restaurant, you’d feel you’re in a very different place. The interior decor and the long tables and the glasses.. You’d just feel you’re part of the picture!


Other than the long tables, there’s a limited number of sofa-like seating area and bar seats. The lamps look quite like those in the backstage changing and make-up room eh?


The menu is quite interesting as well. You can also order an entertainment treat: a 3-minute massage!

DSC_2959 DSC_2974
You could order the dessert here to go if you’re not dining here. We ordered a cake that was suppose to have some orange peel flavour but ended up with lots of ginger! Interesting…

DSC_2970 DSC_2973
Our main course was more like Spanish / Mediterranean and it was pretty good. The only thing is the portion; it’s a bit petit for people with big appetite. But it was fine for us so that was all good.

vvg action vvg action

The last few pages of the menu was actually like a script for some drama. You could also continue with the story and submit your written work to them.


You could also collect these “tickets” for a free bubbly wine:

vvg action

好漾情事 VVG Action
A: 台北市信義區菸廠路88號B2F   B2F, No. 88 Songyan Road, Taipei City  (inside the Songshan Culture and Creative Park)
W: http://vvgvvg.blogspot.tw/


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