[ Amoy ] Lunch at Le Meridien Xiamen


When it comes to dining in Xiamen, for foreingers (including us), it’s a bit of a headache. When we’re sick of the ones that we usually go to, it’s a bit challenging for us to find ones that are not too far from us but meet out expectations. Among all the “presentable” restaurants (“presentable” meaning it…

must have good/acceptable ambience, good food,  & good service) we didn’t think of Le Meridien ’til this time (always thought dining at a Le Meridien would cost a fortune but apparently it wasn’t not too bad compare to the other “presentable” restaurants in Xiamen).

We passed by the buffet restaurant on the ground floor.

The restaurant that we dined at was on the 2nd Floor. The buffet restaurant on the ground floor looks awesome!!

Greeted by Mr. Aimei (the interior decor theme of this hotel).


The private room is chic and modern. We love the tea cup and the bling bling silver plates.

IMG_2645 IMG_2644

IMG_2651 IMG_2658
There are lots of these Mr. Aimei around the public space in the hotel. It just makes you smile!

The souvenir store in the hotel. This is where we got a few of the Mr. Aimei (Le Meridien’s Chinese name).

廈門艾美酒店 Le Meridien Xiamen
A: 福建,厦门冠军路 7 号,南山
W: W: http://www.starwoodhotels.com/lemeridien/property/overview/index.html?&propertyID=3310&language=zh_CN&localeCode=zh_CN


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