[ Taipei ] Yellow Lemon Afternoon Tea


Yellow Lemon – An Exquisite Dessert Bar in Taipei City

The Dazhi area of Taipei City (reachable via MRT) has become a place with high-end dessert cafe/restaurants. These cafes have highly creative and ellaborate dessert dishes and the place is spacious and not so noisy. We went to the newly opened dessert bar – Yellow Lemon.


Menus in a box!


The ceiling of the restaurant – a bit like what will show up on the table if you order one of those signature dessert “dish”.



The robot is chocolate! & It’s priced at $280 TWD (considered quite expensive for desserts in Taipei)

IMG_3311 IMG_3318

If you would like to have some savoury dish first, you’ll have a few options to choose from.


IMG_3314  IMG_3316

Ice-cream off the menu and the popular “Crunch”.
IMG_3315  IMG_3324

Another interesting dessert dish is the one to the left. The ice-cream has some taste of bacon in it! and that piece on the top of it IS bacon!  There were lots of cookies and colouful menringues at the counter as well.



This must be one of the signature dish – the chef comes out to “create” an art piece as big as  table with sauces and dessert in front of you. But you better be in a party of 4.


Yellow Lemon 

A: 台北市大直明水路 561號 1樓  (Dazhi MRT Station, No. 561 Mingshui Road, Taipei City)

W: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Yellow-Lemon/614836478635160?sk=timeline


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